GoPro Guerrilla Jump Update

(Photo credit T Glaser, Quiksilver Pro)

UPDATE 9/20: Blotter photo included

UPDATE 9/12: I’ve confirmed the jumpers’ names and added more photos

I found this photo over at the Quiksilver Pro website.  What an unbelievable view of Long Beach, the crowd, and – oh yea – two nut jobs jumping out of a helicopter with GoPro parachutes.

So with some digging (alright it wasn’t hard at all) I’ve found out these guys are part of the GoPro Bomb Squad and put up some awesome shots of their jump. Neil Amonson and Marshall Miller are both pro skydivers and have similar photos from tons of events online, and further demonstrate that their landing area was well picked to avoid landing feet first on an unsuspecting child.

Also, they were both charged with Reckless Endangerment in the  2nd degree.





 (Photo credit: GoPro Bomb Squard)

And because so many have requested it, I’ve taken a quick screen grab of the police blotter.  The LBPD is funny this way.  They have one of the most antiquated websites around, but post much of their blotter to twitter and facebook.

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42 thoughts on “GoPro Guerrilla Jump Update”

  1. The above two guys asked for permission to jump and were denied for safety reasons. Could you imagine if they landed on a child, or something?
    One of them scuffled with Police upon landing, the other submitted to arrest without issue. They thought they could get away after they landed. LOL.
    Funny how after all the NIMBYS objected to the Quik, it was not the event goers who were the only people arrested, but instead 2 of the vendors employees.

  2. Read the Long Beach Police Blotter. I wonder what you would be saying if they hit a gust of wind and landed on someone, hurting them. STUPID STUNT.

  3. I was there for this and they were literally right above us- I could tell there were some people who were nervous for their safety, and rightly so, considering they landed right next to us. Sadly, I’m sure they will get publicity for this and, therefore, the arrest will not be in vain!

  4. Yea – I had to post them. They are incredible. Their delay on producing a video is usually about a week judging from their updates, so I’ll make sure to keep an eye out for it when they put it online.

  5. Completely AWESOME! Wish I could have seen it! For everyone that thinks of this as being reckless or concerned for safety you really need to get a hold of your life. They are professional base jumpers. With a vacant beach as a LZ and a open ocean as an alternate. This is no more dangerous than a professional biker riding by in a vacant field. Get it together people

  6. These guys are pros. They absolutely know what they are doing and would not endanger the public. One of them I can speak of has jumped into actually hazardous, more demanding situations many many times. He doesn’t just jump randomly and hope it works out…and not just for himself but for the safety of others as well.
    He actually serves as a positive role model for many people because he is so safe and responsible, and not just in the skydiving world…
    I know he would not have wanted anyone on the ground to have felt worried or concerned as some of the previous posters appear to have been

  7. You guys are right. These jumpers are highly trained and versed in most para sports. The canopies they are jumping are virtually the most docile available. The bomb squad could make this jump in their sleep, even if they had some unexpected or strange condition crop up.

  8. GASP… imagine if a gust of wind pushed your car into someone elses car! Parachutes are absolutely steerable and can land on a spot every time if you know what you are doing, and trust me these guys do. It’s not like you jump out of a plane or heli and just hope to land where you want.

  9. Hmm. . .I strongly disagree. While I’m sure they are skilled in what they do, I’m pretty sure it’s not a smart idea to jump out of a helicopter over thousands of people without approval. Are you saying that it’s ok for other people with experience to jump over thousands of people without permission? Think about what you’re saying. . . .

  10. These guys are incredibly talented and I love watching them jump! Nervous beach viewers are naive to think that people could get hurt – these jumpers are elite professionals. They know how to spot their landings and keep everyone safe. I know that these guys have jumped at numerous public events and have always kept things legal and safe. You’re more likely to get injured by a baseball hit into the crowd at a Yankees game. It’s just too bad that ignorant naysayers feel the need to suck the fun out of exciting sports!

  11. Jo, they did not keep things legal this time. That is why they were arrested. Didn’t one of them fight with the Police, before they arrested him ? Professionals ? Hardly.

  12. Think about what your saying.. if you think “getting permission” is going to change the fact that your a sissy and got scared because the first time you left the city you saw someone doing something awesome then grow a pair. your at a surf contest.

  13. Hey kook, There is a difference between professionals in suits and professional athletes. Professionals business men from NYC are nurds. Professional athletes are paid to do awesome things. Go back to the city.

  14. If they fought with police… Don’t you think they would have been charged with that as well. The blotter and the statement by the journalist indicate no other charges were filed.

    Ignorant comment is ignorant! Way to make this more inflammatory then it is!!!

  15. True Professional athletes don’t want to be arrested. These guys asked permission ahead of time, were told they would be arrested and in fact were.

    They now have an arrest record for the rest of their lives. Now who’s the Kook.

  16. Wow Tideline… Taking a stab at people with disabilities on a public forum. Not cool. You slipped up with that comment. A bit of advice: “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.
    Abraham Lincoln “

  17. umm your still the kook because you think having an arrest on your record for the rest of you life is a big deal. These guys probably aren’t going to try and ruin their lives and get a job on wall street anytime soon… These guys are living life to the fullest. What would you rather say when your laying on your death bed, I had some long days at the office and didn’t do anything awesome or i jumped out of a helicopter and skydived into long beach…

  18. The police officer should be charged with Reckless Endangerment. He was actually more likely to hit and injure a bystander than the jumpers.

    A cop just hit a pedestrian yesterday in NYC (September 15, 2011):

    And that isn’t an isolated case…

    “NYC Cop Hits Pedestrian” –

    “Long Island Cops Hits, Kills Pedestrian” –

    “UW cop car hits pedestrians, slams into building after collision” –

    “Pedestrian Hit by Police Vehicle” –

    “Police Car hits pedestrian in Longmont” –

    “Community Cop Car Hits Pedestrian” –

    Could you imagine if he hit a child or something?

  19. City of Long Beach posts all the arrests to their Facebook page… check it out. No mention of resisting arrest or battery of a police officer.


    or even Twitter:!/longbeachpd

    Can’t find the blotter at the moment but will keep looking. I believe I first saw it on the LB Patch.

    I’m incredibly shocked the City of Long Beach spends time posting arrests on Facebook and Twitter and not patrolling the streets but… not my tax payer money.

  20. Did you not read what I said? First of all, I live here and i love it here. Second of all, I said people around me were nervous. Maybe you should read my comment before attacking it.

  21. Matthew, thanks for the link. I do not see any mention of the Go Pro incident. It also would not surprise me, in an election year if for political reasons it was left off of Facebook. I know quite a few reliable people who saw them be arrested.

  22. Please take this opportunity to remove your foot from your mouth and explain what you meant by “Did you compete in the Special Olympics?”. Your presence is not appreciated in these forums. You spread second and third hand information pieced together with your own delusional opinions trying to push your own agenda. Get a life.

  23. Less is more, pointless to explain anything to you, you would only read into what I say and then twist my words. You have proven that already.
    I spent a minimum of 27 hours at the Surf Comp, anyone here spend more than that?
    You liberal opinion means LESS THAN NOTHNG, to me. You better get used to me being here, I will not be leaving. LOL. As for getting a life, no one addressed you, you chose to put your two cents in and it is worth to me what I paid for it.

  24. Both arrests are there… I’ll quote them for you:

    Salt Lake City Utah man, age 29, arrested Ocean Beach Park @ Edwards Blvd for Reckless Endangerment 2nd.

    Lehi Utah man, age 33, arrested Ocean Beach Park @ Edwards Blvd for Reckless Endangerment 2nd.

    and the author of this commentary, commented on the last (Lehi Utah man) with:
    Would that be this Utah man?

    I understand if you “didn’t” see them…

  25. Shaun, are you a Moderator ? If yes, why did you not chime in when I was called a Kook, or someone else told us to take a stick and ram it?

    Really am not interested in your one sided commentary.

  26. My brother was a TandemMaster [RIP], I know for a fact that these guys can land on a towel on the beach, that is how accurately they can land! From the awesome GoPro pix we can see that NoOne is around where they landed!!
    Waiting for the video to come out! (ETA Shaun?)


  27. I respect what these guys do. I was there, right in front of them, so yes there were plenty of people right where they landed. My only argument here is that this wasn’t approved- they are obviously good at what they do, there is no argument there.

  28. Would you say the same thing about a drunk driver who arrived home safely, without injuring anyone else ? The potential was certainly there and the City recognized that. BTW, Go Pro does not own the beach and needs to follow the LAW, like the rest of us.

  29. NO! Drunk drivers are idiots who use equipment (cars)they shouldn’t be using in the state they are in. These guys are highly skilled athletes in complete control of their equipment with vast experience in landing on small open spaces. I have made a tandem-jump with my brother, so I know what seems like a potential risk to people on the ground, it really wasn’t that risky. Yes, of course they also need to follow the law, that is why they got arrested.

  30. Tideline you are a complete troll. First off they were not arrested for battery of a police officer learn how to Google 10 seconds of your time you will see that you saying that was not only highly inaccurate but also needlessly inflammatory. Secondly it is very distasteful to use the Special Olympics as a method of delivering an insult…. Finally as an avid republican myself WTF are you doing bringing politics into this conversation……. I think you need to read this article as I feel you fit the bill

    “Internet trolls are sadists and psychopaths”

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