The 2011 Pizza Quest

It’s more important than parking.  It’s more important than politics.  Long Beach is really all about the pizza.

There wasn’t one hour that went by during the Quiksilver Pro commentary when the broadcasters didn’t bring up their love for Gino’s and the food here.  Comparing East End Pizza to West End Pizza can lead to fisticuffs.

A quick search on Yelp yields over 10 places that claim to serve the delicious feast of cheese, bread, and sauce.  Google Maps has even more.  Like wings, I consider myself an aficionado (really a snob) when it comes to this Italian-American delight.  I even said a few days ago “there’s never a time that I’m not in the mood for pizza,” and that goes for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  But of course, everyone has their claim for the best.  Full disclosure, I’m going into this leaning towards Gino’s already, but will keep an open mind.

So today, I set out on an ambitious project and need your help.  I will eat, photograph, and review, a slice of regular pizza, and one “wildcard” slice from every establishment in Long Beach.  Don’t expect quick results here, I need something to entertain for the next few months as the winter sets in.  What I’d love is if you all chime in as well.  For every establishment I go to, any user can also submit a photo and a brief (two or three lines tops) review of the same regular slice and I’ll add it into the same post.

The Rules

I’ll order one regular slice at each location (not an entire pie)

I’ll order one additional “wildcard” slice that will be whatever looks good or a specialty at that location.  This is mostly just because one slice won’t fill me.

A photo of each slice will be taken

I’ll then write together just a few lines on the slice.  I’ll focus on crust, sauce, cheese, cook, and how it all comes together.

Also, I will not tell the business owners I’m reviewing their food so that I don’t always get the “fresh” slice.

The “winner” will of course get the SeaByTheCity seal of approval.

One note, I will consider expanding to addresses that are on the barrier island but not Long Beach if readers think that will be a more thorough investigation

The List (subject to change)

There are certainly more, so please submit the rest in comments below

Updated 9/22: Please keep helping with this list

Gino’s Restaurant & Pizzeria
East End Pizza
West End Pizza
Disalvo’s Pizza & Restaurant (Closed)
Domino’s Pizza (Damnit, I guess I have to stop here)
Mike’s Plaza Pizza
Surf City Pizza (I believe they may still be closed)
Brucie’s Bel Aire Pizzeria (Attached to Matteo’s)
Joe’s Pizza (West End on Beech)
San Remo (Possible Name – West End)

The Maybe List

Olive Oil (Point Lookout)
DaVinci’s (Island Park)

User Submissions

If you’d like to contribute, please snap a quick shot of the slice (camera phone is fine), note the location, and put together a two or three line review.  Email me here at with “Pizza Quest” in the subject line and I’ll add your submission to the post.

So, happy pizza eating everyone and I’ll be sure to have my first stop written up shortly.

Please read the terms of service before you comment.


44 thoughts on “The 2011 Pizza Quest”

  1. Ginos regular slice has been consistantly the best since the early 70’s when I wen to school at Magnolia blvd and we walk there in sixth grade! As I grew older, I became a fan of their “special” slice as well…

  2. Since moving to Long Beach in the Spring, I have been on the hunt for a good pizzeria. I’ve had some decent pizza, but nothing like where I used to live on the north shore. Can’t wait for the reviews!

  3. Too many pizza places and the ones that suck don’t make it.

    Surf Pizza is still closed. It doesn’t look like they are working inside either.. I hope they do. That place was really cool inside. I loved the surf board tables.

  4. Gino’s grandson owns La Piazza in Merrick and their Buffalo chicken slice crushes Gino’s. He’s at Gino’s a lot too… wish he would fix theirs.

  5. Can you make sure to review Joe’s so that I know if it’s really as good as I think it is after a night of drinking? 😉 I think gino’s has the best regular slice though =) Paradiso’s in Rockville Centre has amazing pizza as well

  6. Mike’s Plaza Pizza is the previous Joe’s pizza at the waldbaums lot. However, Joe’s in waldbaums closed too and moved to the west end. There is only one Joe’s

  7. why why why do you have Domino’s on this list? No self-respecting local (or NYer for that matter) would consider this a pizza place.

    Saying that… great idea. Personally I have only had my pizza fixes at East End, West End, Ginos, Sorrento’s and DaVincis. Would love to hear about the other places

  8. Umberto’s is great. Love Mama Theresa’s in Garden City Park especially their specialty pizzas (best buffalo chicken pizza on earth!). Gino’s Williston Park has the best Sicilian pizza.

    Maybe I’ll try a new pizza place this week. I usually just go to East End since its a few blocks away.

  9. Dominos is for drunk and stoned teenagers, not worth a review… p.s. I’m pretty sure the Joe’s in the Walbaums lot is closed! And the new San Remos is called Frank’s. (not a bad slice)

  10. I’m a pizza connoisseur. I feel I may be more qualified for this mission. Or I’m just looking for an excuse to eat myself into a pizza-coma.

  11. Ginos grandson has taken over the store in long beach and has mostly kept it good if not for a couple changes me and my friends dont care for. 1 – the stupid new trays that nobody likes . 2 – he cut the use of “real” peperoni. remember ginos used to have thick cut peperoni that curled up when cooked? not anymore. cheap flat thin stuff.

  12. Try Vito’s down by the beach at New York Ave. They only make regular pizza but it’s great. Like real old time pizza that you used to be able to only get in Brooklyn or Manhattan. They usually stay open on weekends through September then they close for the winter.

  13. Dude…the change to the pepperoni was criminal. I used to take a pie to my Aunt & Uncle out East and they told me not to bother anymore b/c the pepperoni was so horrible. Bring back the old stuff!

    On another note, my siblings visit me from out of state and all three noticed the flavor of the regular slice isn’t what it used to be. We thought maybe it was the club music causing our taste buds to fail. Anyone else notice this?

    Gino’s has been my favorite slice since I was a wee little Gidget, but lately it’s been a little wonky 🙁

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