City of Long Beach Wants Your Thoughts (QPNY Survey)

In an impressive move to start a transparent planning process for the Quiksilver Pro 2012 , the City has posted a resident survey online.

I strongly recommend every take a few minutes to answer the four question survey which can be found here.  Please share this link with friends and family and have your opinion heard.

Very interestingly, the City, for the first time has acknowledged that they received “hundreds of thousands” of dollars from Quiksilver.  They’ve also begun to discuss the money generated by sales tax revenue, and are arguing that the sales tax revenue will be used to “keep property tax down.”

Following the many months of planning that the City undertook to host this event, we were disappointed that we were unable to present the festival portion due to damage caused by Hurricane Irene.

I must say that I strongly disagree with the above statement.  I’ve heard time and time again from many different people that Irene was a convenient excuse to end the festival that some members of the City government had been working on pulling the plug on for weeks preceding the storm.

In the survey, I answered the open-ended Question 4 about suggestions this way:

The number one thing that the City must do is related to parking, or how to handle crowds, or what sort of music to have. It is about transparency. You must be transparent in this entire process. You must allow the residents to participate in this dialogue. The residents want this event and are willing to compromise quite a bit to make it happen, they just need to be part of the process.

Here’s the rest of the press release.  Anything else jump out?

Quiksilver Pro Resident Survey


Dear Neighbors,

The Quiksilver Pro New York surfers have packed their boards and are headed for their next tournament site. The international surf competition was a new and exciting experience for Long Beach, and as a City, we were proud to have hosted the event.

We want to thank our residents for their hospitality towards the organizers, athletes and guests of our City. We have received very positive feedback after experiencing what one Quiksilver spokesperson called an event “that will go down in history.”

There is no doubt this event was a huge success. The beach at National Boulevard was filled with thousands of residents and guests as they were treated to the top surfers in the world, competing on some of the best waves the East Coast has seen. On the sand, children were the stars, as the family friendly Roxy House provided activities for young girls. The Quiksilver Pro merchandising tent provided a unique shopping experience and a head start on everyone’s fall wardrobe and holiday gift list.

Following the many months of planning that the City undertook to host this event, we were disappointed that we were unable to present the festival portion due to damage caused by Hurricane Irene. The safety of our residents was our first concern, and we had to make a difficult decision. Still, in spite of the storm and evacuation, and with the ardent hard work of city employees, we did a swift cleanup and were able to keep the heart of this world class competition intact.

Our City received hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees for the event. This includes compensation for all municipal services provided to help make it a success, such as police, fire, sanitation, beach maintenance and other City personnel. We will also collect our share of sales tax from increased business traffic that the event generated. In addition, restaurants, shops, the Hotel and other businesses around the City benefited. This is a gain for all residents as increased sales tax revenue keeps City property taxes down. 

The surf competition brought unprecedented enthusiasm and excitement to Long Beach by putting a positive light on our City worldwide through all of the favorable media coverage. 

We would like to make this event even more successful should the Quiksilver Pro return, and we want to assess the possibility of future similar events. To that end, we are interested in knowing how you, our residents, think we might make an event like this even better next time.  

If you are interested in participating in a brief survey, kindly answer the questions here.

We thank you, in advance, for your participation in our survey, and we look forward to your comments!


Charles Theofan
City Manager

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49 thoughts on “City of Long Beach Wants Your Thoughts (QPNY Survey)”

  1. The survey is a joke. LB isn’t deciding what events would be here. Quiksilver is, right?

    We generated money. Let’s see the numbers and what it means to me, the LB home owner. I bet it just means more spending. I’m happy to have the event here, just not how this LB government is handling any of it.

  2. I recommend that the city hires or listens to somebody that knows a thing or two about hosting such events. You know, like an event planner? A sporting event planner? Isn’t that standard procedure?

    I want Quiksilver Pro to come back every year with everything (concerts/skate/bmx etc), but the way the city handled it was an embarrassment.

  3. The city should just let QS run it… They have a few events a year all over the world… I think QS knows what they are doing. Its not like some local guy is trying to throw the next woodstock on our beach. City should law down certain guidelines and let QS staff do there thing. I doubt they would ever do anything to ruin a town’s or there own reputation. (quiksilver is a publicly traded corporation)

  4. 4 questions–it was pretty painless. I feel like the survey just a way to make us FEEL like we’re involved–either way at least I got to voice my opinon-

  5. Hey Anthony, did I ever tell you that I am an event planner? I have coordinated the entertainment for both of Clintons inaugurations and handled the site coordination for Woodstock 94…(the successful one)I have also presented hundreds of concerts and trade shows around the country with clients that include Coca Cola, Chevron and U.S. Steel…

  6. quiksilver did a top notch job. obviously a first class organization that knows how to get things done. we need to work with them again and again. I personaly like the idea of outside movies. like bryant park. charge a small fee for prime seats, bring a blanket, watch a movie. good clean fun!

  7. sales tax collected for nassau- city gets one half of one percent- don’t let anyone fool you into beleiving sales tax revenue is a bonus. it is a play to bring business(usually tax free or undocumented) to friends who own businesses.

  8. Quiksilver spokesperson called an event “that will go down in history.”>> this is because the City Council of LB turned out a bunch of chickens and used the “Major” damage of Hurricane Irene to cancel the part of the Quiksilver event, the Festival, because they were afraid that “Woodstock” would descent upon LB!
    It will also go down in History because Hurricane Katia blessed us with 4 days of good to great waves, so we could witness Owen Wright beat Kelly Slater! LB residents showed their NY-Aloha to Quiksilver and the surfers, by mobbing the store and the beach and showing the world LB gets crowds on the beach during surf-events. Those may be the possible reasons they may come back here next year.

  9. Yes Ray, I agree, did you see how quickly they were able to secure the empty lot next to the Allegria, fill it with their generators and trailers, resurrect the store closer to the hotel and kick off the competition exactly when the right surf hit the beach? Pros!

  10. This event should never have been held in long beach. Its too big, and no consideration is given to the impacts on homeowner/taxpayers. The festival would have been a catastrophe if it were held. There is no way to accommodate crowds of 100K people in long beach. The proponents of this event have done a good job organizing and using social media to give the illusion that most residents embrace having it – that is not the reality if you actually talk to people outside the “surfing community” and the “party” crowd in long beach. Most residents are against it.

    Remember, its this same “surfing community” that is responsible for the flooding in long beach due to Irene, because they led the effort to stop dune construction east of New York avenue. Those dunes would have protected long beach from flooding, like they did in the west end. We don’t have those dunes because of the surfers.

  11. “Well my anecdotal evidence is better than yours!”

    Every LB resident I speak with enjoyed the event and wishes the festival portion happened. Where in the world are you coming up with an influx of 100k people?? Even on Friday, which was the most popular day of the event, it wasn’t anywhere near the amount of people LB sees on a typical July 4th weekend.

    Care to backup this claim of “surfers” being a roadblock to dune construction east of NY Ave with actual evidence? If you’re trying to equate The Surfrider Foundation’s objection of ocean dredging to building a dune, you clearly don’t understand the matter at hand. Also the last time I checked there’s a fairly substantial object that runs east of NY Ave, I believe it’s called a boardwalk? How do you propose a dune is built; tear down the boardwalk? Or do you want to make the beach about 50% smaller?

  12. duh, without the dunes the beach will become more eroded and you will wish 50% is all you lost. The west end suffered no damage on the beach side due to the dunes.

  13. So which one is it, are we concerned with erosion or are we concerned with flooding? There absolutely was beach erosion in the West End, the dunes prevented flooding not erosion.

  14. It does. The only way to voice your opinion is at the meetings and get a new city manager. QS was down for down to pay for the cleanup to get the festival going, the city manager made excuses.

  15. Please explain to me how the existing dunes prevent beach erosion, I would love to hear this one. “Case closed” because you don’t know what you’re talking about?

  16. So the sand along the dune erodes – so what. You know where it goes? A hundred yards offshore, you pump it back onto the beach the next season. In the meantime, the dunes protect residents from flooding. This is how coastal management on populated barrier islands works everywhere. Only the surfers and the morons on the previous city council who tossed away millions in federal money for the project, don’t seem to understand that.

  17. So let me get this straight – you’re proposing the ACOE comes to LB every single year to dredge sand? #1 that is an insanely expensive proposition. Do you expect LB residents to pay for that? #2 Do you have the slightest clue as to what the environmental impact of sand dredging is? That’s not impact to fish, that’s impact to PEOPLE who are on the sand that ends up on the beach. And you want to do this every year? #3 No, it does not just end up “a hundred yards offshore” when there’s erosion.

    Wow, I had my doubts on your intelligence level but had to give you the benefit of the doubt; you just cleared that item up for me.

  18. Theofan is history – the political balance of the Council is going to change. But not for the reason most of the party crowd here thinks – they think the new Council will be elected to be more event friendly. The incumbents will be voted out for the opposite reason – because Theofan is providing poor taxpayer services, while the City is being run for the benefit of the Chamber of Commerce and business owners – who want more events, more crowds, and don’t care what the burdens on homeowners are. The new Council will likely misread their election, and think their mandate is to accommodate even MORE events, bigger crowds, at the expense of homeowner quality of life. I suspect they will be one termers. Maybe the Democratic slate should be asked to state their positions on how they would manage the City with respect to events, crowds, parking, and the lower quality of life all of that brings for residents.

  19. That’s how coastal sand management works everywhere – eroded sand is just 100 yards offshore, they don’t “dredge” – pumps push a slurry of seawater and that sand back onto the beach, it dries up, and the recovered sand is groomed back into the beach base. The alternative is what we saw during Irene – no dunes, homeowners in the areas without dunes see their basements wrecked by floods – and you know what, the beach erodes anyway, go take a look at how much sand was lost east of NY Avenue.

  20. It was my experience that the Surfing event only benefited some of the restaurants an the big prize went to Guess Wo? You got it, The Allegria Hotel who seems to benefit from everything, because The Allegria hotel always does as it pleases with no enforcement by the city whatsoever.
    If anyone made any money on this deal it was NOT the City and the residents of Long Beach. But the Hotel and a few of the restaurants.

    Charles Theofan the city manger of Long Beach should have learned a lesson from this and hopefully he will not make the same mistake again.

  21. I heard that the democratic slate is 100% behind the QS Music fest for next year. The QS donation checks have already been cashed by the party.

    They have also been approached by the Wrangler Jeans company about hosting a Country Music festival and SeanJohn has sent feelers out about hosting an Urban Music and in conjunction reviving Jones Beach Black Greekfest and moving it slightly west.

    The precedent has been set, the price is now known, let the festivities begin?

  22. No, that’s not how it works everywhere else. Show me one location in the US where the ACOE comes in every year to dredge. Do you even understand what the term dredge means? And again, no, the sand does not just conveniently end up a hundred yards offshore. Are you going to address the list of issues I presented or continue on with ignorant drivel? If its the latter, I’m not interested in discussing this with someone who not only doesn’t understand what they are suggesting but refuses to do some basic research.

  23. Sorry but you just sound like a bitter business owner who’s product didn’t appeal to the beach/surf demo. There are plenty of businesses who saw a huge surge in what is traditionally a slow week.

  24. You are right, it didn’t!!

    Am U bitter? No, I’m simply replying to the other persons comment about business’s flourishing because of the event.
    Period. If I sound bitter because of that.. sorry but you just didn’t get it.
    And blaming Theofan is not the answer .. I blame the stupidity of trying to make this town into a sideshow, instead of a surfing competition, which would have been fine ..

  25. I do, but unfortunately it’s not my place to list them. If individual business owners feel they are willing to share that information in a public forum, that’s for them to decide and not me. The conversations I had with owners and employees were casual and not meant to be publicly broadcasted.

    That said, all one had to do to witness the surge was walk down W Beech on any given night during the contest. For 10 days straight every single restaurant/bar was packed. Some of them are lucky if they have 1 night a week where they are packed in the off season no less multiple nights as they did.

  26. No you don’t have a list because there was no huge surge. You most probably passed those businesses on Labor Day Weekend when they would have been normally packed. Did you pass those establishments on evenings of the rainy days during the workweek?

    You have no reliable source, you could ask the editors of this site for a position with them as they like to do that also

  27. Yea, you found me out, I made the whole thing up. I have nothing better to do as I sit in my mom’s basement so I make up stories about foot traffic to businesses in LB.

    Or it could be that I’m a home owner in LB, traditionally take the first week of September off (as I did this year) and know from first hand experience the number of people in these establishments.

    Be my guest to believe whatever you would like, but it is downright wrong to say a number of businesses did not benefit.

  28. You know what would be funny? If you could claim you were there on any given day during that 10 day span and claim otherwise. The problem with that however is that if you were actually there, you would agree with the point I’m making. Funny how that works, huh.

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