LBPD Statement on Boardwalk Beating

The Long Beach Police Department – some 36 hours after a man was viciously beaten and robbed on the boardwalk while jogging Monday evening –  has released an official statement.

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Here is their full statement.

The Long Beach Police Department reports the details of a robbery that occurred on the 400 block of East Boardwalk On Monday September 19, 2011, at about 10:44 p.m.  The victim reports he was jogging when he was attacked by a group of about 5 youths.  The youths surrounded the victim and then kicked and punched him resulting in abrasions to his knees and elbow and stole his I-phone.

The perpetrators are described as male, black, 14 – 19 years old.  The perpetrators fled the area on foot and on bicycles. 

 The Long Beach Police Department’s Detective Division is investigating and asking anybody with information in connection with this robbery to contact the Long Beach Police Department’s TIPS line at 705-7370.

Deputy Inspector Bruce Meyer
Public Information Officer

They’ve also updated their facebook page


As readers have already pointed out, the account of the injuries doesn’t make much sense.  Especially considering the City Manager emailed us yesterday and said:  “one of whom [the attackers] punched him in the head knocking down, he might have lost consciousness momentarily.

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17 thoughts on “LBPD Statement on Boardwalk Beating”

  1. Surprise surprise! As much as I love this city, I am disgusted with the way this is being handled. There could have been more attacks since the last 2- and the LBPD is making a statement NOW? Thankfully we have websites like this one, or else only a few of my friends would know, instead of all the readers of this site. How many situations and events can LB screw up in a few months?

  2. “The youths surrounded the victim and then kicked and punched him resulting in abrasions to his knees and elbow and stole his I-phone”

    The victim had to go to the hospital, and is going into surgery tomorrow. Abrasions to the knees and elbow seems a bit understated.

  3. What? You’ve never been in a fight and only received “abrasions” on your knees and elbows? That sounds totally consistent with getting jumped

    Just making sure you read the sarcasm there – this isn’t funny.

  4. This is ridiculous. All of the details are being left out, leaving LB locals in the dark. Let’s make sure LB doesn’t get a “bad” name and leave locals to deal with guns and brutal beatings on their own. Disgusted.

  5. My advice to anyone jogging at night is this.

    Carry a large screwdriver with you.

    If anyone accosts you sink the screw driver in their skull.

    If more than one assailant then repeat as needed.

    Fight back to kill them before they kill you.

    When the police arrive, make no statement other than you need medical assistance and wish to speak to a lawyer.

    Do NOT make a statement on the scene.

    When the cops see the thug lying there in his/her hoodie and you standing there in your jogging outfit thats about all they need to know at that point.

  6. Well i hope this is not taken as a racist statement but at least the LBPD gave a full description of the perps in which todays day and age is not politically correct.

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