War & Pizza: A quick wrap up of yesterday’s stories.

The day started out with Pizza (see – The 2011 Pizza Quest). Shaun’s ambitious project of eating a slice from every local Pizza establishment. He’s looking for your help in finding the best pizza in Long Beach. Shaun writes “(Pizza is) more important than parking.  It’s more important than politics.  Long Beach is really all about the pizza.”  The Pizza Quest is still on, so submit your reviews and photos. It’s true, pizza is more important than politics, unfortunately later that day it was politics that took over.

On The Beach House Facebook page was the following comment regarding a violent act that occurred on the Boardwalk at Lincoln Avenue this past Monday night (Sept 19th):

good morning everyone. a close friend of ours was robbed and beaten at gun point last night on the long beach boardwalk. we want to wish him a speedy recovery and also, we want the city of long beach to stop the growing epidemic of violent crimes being perpetrated on the boardwalk at night by gangs and thugs! all too often it is happening and it is being swept under the rug in order to protect revenue for the city. yes, i said it! this is our family! this is our city! do something!

We reported this right away (see – Boardwalk Violence – Man Robbed and Beaten, Possibly at Gunpoint). That Beach House facebook post has since been deleted, but the Long Beach Herald picked up our story and went straight to City Manager Charles Theofan for a comment:

“There was a man jogging on the boardwalk at around 10:20 p.m. by Lincoln Boulevard,” Theofan said. “He was accosted by five youths, and they punched him in the head and stole his iPod and iPhone.”

So no gun?

Shaun decided to contact Mr. Theofan directly for the details. Here is what our City Manager had to say:

The reality is that a male jogger was mugged at 10:20 PM at Lincoln Blvd. by 5 teenagers, one of whom punched him in the head knocking down, he might have lost consciousness momentarily. The ran off and he realized they had taken his iphone. There was NO gun or any weapon involved.

Again, no gun? Wanting to clarify that detail, Shaun contacted Mr. Theofan again. He also asked of other boardwalk attacks that we were hearing about.

I’ve continued to report that a gun was present because that is what I heard from the friend of the victim.  I will consider that claim now suspect based on your input.

Mr. Theofan wrote back confirming that no gun was involved and that we had two Boardwalk Robberies in three Days. I don’t remember reading about the other one anywhere. Hmm.. I am not going on the boardwalk at night anymore…

Last night we were directed to a similar post as the Beach House one, which clearly states that a gun was indeed involved in this violent crime. This is from Long Beach 411, a facebook page:

Please Read, I don’t post often but this needs to get out…Long Beach people be careful of running on the boardwalk at night. My boyfriend was running right past the Aqua and was jumped tonight by 8 guys at 9:40pm, he had a gun pointed at him, and was taken to the hospital with head injuries and just returned home. I’m soo disgusted with people but thankful that he is ok. (UPDATE: I am hearing now that the victim is going to see an neurologist. Let’s all pray and hope he has a speedy recovery. We are all thinking of you!)

Provided that these posts are true, it’s nice to hear that the victim is ok. That wraps up yesterday. Today is another day so let’s see what it brings us.

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