Nickerson Beach Miniature Golf Update

I enthusiastically blogged back in May of 2010 about Nassau County’s plan to bring a mini-golf course over at Nickerson Beach (880 Lido Boulevard, Lido beach). At that time, I contacted Nassau Legislator (AND LONG BEACH RESIDENT!) Denise Ford, who told me:

I received (a letter) from the Commissioner of Parks.  He indicated that this project will go out to bid, as required, and he is hoping that the work will begin in the summer so the miniature golf will not be available this summer in Nickerson.  Like yourself, I am looking forward to miniature golf.  Leg Denise Ford

A few months ago I contacted Legislator Ford again for a 2011 update. She told me it was still in the works: I will let you know about the miniature golf.  I thought it would be installed this year and now I am not so sure.

Here we are in September and finally some news! From Newsday, Sept 17th, 2011 (article – Nassau eyes upgrades to Nickerson Beach), Emily C. Dooley writes:

Nassau County is looking to upgrade the Nickerson Beach Recreational Facility in Lido Beach with more cabanas, expanded campgrounds and a new mini-golf course…..Proposals are due by 3 p.m. Sept. 27

Below is a screenshot of the project, which you can find on the Nassau County 2011 Capital Budget & 2011-2014 Capital Improvement Plan.

(Click to enlarge)

Of course, this doesn’t all happen without a sacrifice. While I appreciate Nassau County’s decision on bringing us this fun recreation to Nickerson, I’m upset about the closing of another park – The Garvies Point Musuem and Presevre. The reason being? It’s not “revenue producing.” I had no idea parks were supposed to make money! I know this last part isn’t Long Beach related, but Garvies Point is a gem and will be missed. Parks shouldn’t close, I don’t care how much of a deficit we are in.

Anyways, Mini-golf coming to our barrier Island! WOOHOO!

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