Poop & Paper (a rant & a mystery)


I’ve lived all over this general area my entire life –  grew up on the South Shore, lived a few years on the North, Manhattan for college, three different towns in Queens and here I am back on Long Island (which I never thought would return to). Long Beach was the only area that could lure me back to the island and I absolutely love it here. Everything about it is great – the beach, boardwalk, restaurants, events & community, etc (you know how great all this stuff is). There is one thing wrong with Long Beach that constantly irks me: People’s lack of respect for their neighbors. I’m obviously not talking about every LB resident, but please hear me out.

Never in my life have I seen an area where people just don’t give a shit about their neighbors. Actually, they do give a shit – they give me dog poop several times a week. At first I thought somebody had it out for me, but walking around town I’ve noticed my property wasn’t the only one that gets soiled. Yep, this town is brown. Poop by the City by the Sea. I have concluded that some people (aka assholes) around here don’t respect their neighbors at all. I have lived in far more dense/suburban areas and NEVER had or saw a problem like this to this extent before. Seriously.

It’s not just dog poop – The Empty Bud Lite Beer Can parade that spans mulitple blocks usually comes to town every few weeks. Or those greasy McDonalds bags that are consistently left in front of my house every two weeks (I can set my watch to it). I have seen people actually throw garbage out of their cars. And we complain why our taxes are so high… somebody has to clean this garbage up.  I never saw so much garbage around a town in my life. I am sorry, but it’s true. Again, I’m not accusing every LB resident for this sloppiness.. I am generalizing here.. but there is an awful amount of garbage on our streets. Geez, have some civic pride for once.

If you can’t see what I’m saying then please do me this favor: Go on a small trip to a similar type of town and see for yourself how much cleaner it is. Go anywhere. You will see.

Dog poop is my biggest issue because it’s just plain disgusting and unsanitary. I don’t blame the dogs, I blame their owners. Come on folks, please respect your neighbors and curb your dogs. Please give a shit by not giving shit.

I write this now knowing that in a few hours I’m going to return home to a nice fresh pile of poop. I cannot wait.


Add this one to the WTF category: Has anybody had their paper recycling picked up by a mysterious pickup truck? This happened to me twice already that I know of; not sequentially, but months apart. I can’t come up with any explaination for this. Mystery truck pulls up, a guy runs out and dumps my recycling (only the paper stuff) into the back of his truck and drives away- ignoring all the other recycling bins on my street. This guy doesn’t look like the type that can hack into my accounts and steal my identity.. no offense mister, if you’re reading this.. I just don’t get it.

Anyways, has this happened to anybody else?


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  1. Agreed. It’s pretty gross. When I cleaned out my garden I found some pretty nasty stuff (an empty peanut butter jar…really???). But the dog crap is everywhere and it’s nasty and, yes, the owners need to learn to take FULL responsibility for their animal of choice, whether it be barking at 5:30am or the excrement on the sidewalks.

    As for the paper dude, have you ever seen Extreme Couponing? He may want your discarded discounts!

  2. Funny you mention the dog bombs. Over the last 2 months, I would find a pile right in front of my house about 4 times a week. Pretty soon, my neighbor made the same observation. Every morning, there is a steamer in front of his house or mine. I live in west end so this doesn’t get hidden in the grass.. it is right on the sidewalk. C’mon people. You are the ones that give LB that, sometimes, bad rep that most locals wind up defending.

    I can’t agree with you more Anthony. Unfortunately, the dirt-bags that do this obviously don’t care much for our fair city, let alone read a blog about the city, so our screams will go un-heard. It is up to us, the people (let me hear you!!) to call out these d-bags when we catch them and let them know.

    My neighbor and I have set up a sting operation to catch the culprits in the act. So far we haven’t seen anything, and the dog-walkers that we do see, pick it up. So that means one of these idiots only pick it up when being watched.

  3. There are people who do selective recycling too, some just take cans others just take paper and some take furniture. I have no problem at all with that.

    Now the poop – really people, under the receptacle of free bags??? Are you really so self absorbed and totally crude? And are you the same people who leave bags of trash in the street where you parked your cars?

    Sadly enough most of these offenders live where they are leaving their dirt. Even animals don’t do that!

    I would love to dump my cat’s litter box in front of your building to show you how unpleasant it is, but that would punish the majority who live there and clean up after themselves.

  4. I’m totally with you!! The streets on broadway are gross!! I run every morning and I see bottles, paper and dog poop on the street!! It’s absolutely gross!! As for the recycling I did have mine taken before the trucks came. I started putting it out in the morning instead the night before.

  5. I haven’t seen anyone but I have noticed anytime I put papers out the night before recycling day they are gone by morning. Now if the city only picked up the other stuff consistently!!

  6. well the dog poop is nasty and i get it all the time, with the paper, cans, etc. but my biggest problem is my neighbor (east hudson street) that is hoarding cats in her yard, and naturally, these feral animals do not poop where they eat, so they eat there, and come into my yard(other neighbors, too) to drop their load. i have been in contact with her, everybody knows her, she is the support for the feral cat community by the incinerator, called the health dept., called animal control. apparently she and her nasty cats have more rights than i do. HELP

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