L’EGGO MY LOGO! (The West End Beautification Logo Saga)

The West End Beautification Association just spelled out the entire logo saga on their blog with documents and everything (read – Introducing the new West End Beautification Association logo!)

From what I understand, here are the chain of events:

1. West End residents Mary Ellen and Judy formed the West End Beautification Association (WEBA): A committee that is separate and independent from the West End Neighbors Civil Association (WENCA) with the sole purpose of beautifying the West End of Long Beach.

2. Mary Ellen’s daughter created the WEBA logo. (click to see example).

3. In December, WENCA’s attorneys sent WEBA a “cease and desist” letter. Basically telling Mary Ellen that she is legally not allowed to use the logo that her daughter created, for it has been trademarked by WENCA (click to see document).

So where are we now?

WEBA just annouced their new logo on January 19th:

Now, I have nothing against WENCA. I don’t even live in the West End, but what WENCA did was neither NEIGHBORLY nor CIVIC. I personally think they should just forfeit the logo and move on. For, as long as they use it – the flower on that logo will forever be obscurd by a dark cloud. Yep, this one is added to the WTF category.

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  1. A good journalist would get WENCA’s side of the story, but I personally don’t think they have a “side”. I feel that this is one of those things that they kinda hoped would of never gotten out. My article is basically a breakdown of what WEBA wrote on their site, which i believe is the full story.

    I suggest all WENCA members to question this at the next meeting. You should also demand them to “release” the logo.

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