Funny conversation overheard on the boardwalk (Kelly Slater playing Volleyball?)

While sipping my coffee & strolling on the boardwalk, I overheard this crazy conversion. I had to pace myself right behind the couple talking because I couldn’t wait for it to be resolved. It was almost like a Three’s Company episode: misunderstandings galore.

This is almost verbatim, as I tried to remember all I could. Oh and the lady had the thickest Long Island accent I ever heard, which added to the hilarity.

Lady: You shouda seen the large volleyball tournament that went on here a few months ago. The beach was loaded with so many people.

Man: Oh yeah? Was it fun?

Lady: Oh it was amazing. So many people here to see it. Kelly Slater was even here.

Man: To watch?

Lady: oh no, he participated. He’s the best at it yah know. And he almost won too. That woulda been somethin’ else I tell ya.

Man: Wow, that guys does everything I guess.

Lady: He was jumping so high. It was a sight to see.

Man: Yeah, Well you need to jump high to get the ball over the net.

Lady: Huh? No the waves.. the waves were big. So he was jumping them.

Man: Waves? Oh so they played in the ocean?

Lady: Of course, where else would they do it?

Man: I just figured on the sand.

Lady: I never saw that before. Well anyways, it was so much fun, but I heard they aren’t coming back next year.

Man: Wait, you mean that surfing tournament.

Lady: Yes surfin, what did ya think?

Man: (laughing) You said volleyball.

Lady: ohhh.. hahaha nooo… surfin, SURFIN. NOT VOLLEYBAWL! It was the Surfin tounrament. Quikpro-somethin…….

Man: haha yeah I heard about it.


Anyways, I’m sure it’s one of those things where you had to be there, but I was amused.