On the Planet of the Apes, Long Beach will be underwater. (YOU DAMN DIRTY APE)

My friend just forwarded me this link which I found to be kinda funny. Taken from the APES WILL RISE blog is a map of the Ape City and Forbidden Zone (not related to this). As illustrated in the bottom image, on that map is Long Beach (sort of). Actually, during this time of the apes, Long Beach appears to be underwater. So make sure you plan for the ape-apocalypse accordingly. Pack a life raft.

Slow news day? No, I’m just not terribly interested in what’s going on these days; it’s been a major snooze-fest. Besides, this is a blog and blogs are supposed to post silly stuff like this.

I am not quite sure what Ape movie or TV show the top image is from. I am guessing the TV show since I know the movies so well.