Google Quest: View 8-Bit Long Beach [Technology]

8-Bit Video Game fans rejoice! In what appears to be an April Fools joke, Google added a pretty neat feature to Google Maps called Quest. Here is the description:

  • View 8-bit landmarks
  • Be a hero, explore the world
  • Find hidden monsters

8-bit Quest Maps is our Beta Maps technology and has certain system requirements. Your system may not meet the minumum requirements for 8-bit computations.

I am not sure how long this feature will last, but if your house is already on Google Street View, check it out in 8-Bit. I’m not going to post images of mine, but it’s pretty surreal. I didn’t start my quest yet, but I did grab some LB landmark screenshots for your viewing pleasure:


The Long Island Railroad

The City of Long Beach Welcomes You