Oh, My Nosy Cup Overflows [The Schwartz Report]

Oh!! I feel as if I hit the jackpot!  Not really, as I do NEED to hit the jackpot, but in terms of filling my insatiable thirst for rumors I just discovered The Schwartz Report.  Yes, every time I say it reminds me of Space Balls, but the forum is full of nasty backstabbing and innuendos and some factual details all blended into perfect wave.  It’s an entertaining read on a chilly day.

The forum has been around for a while so you can go back and read the histrionics of our political battles as well as the rest of Nassau and Suffolk County.  As for many forums no one uses their real name so there are many Unregistered Guests and you wonder where they get the inside scoop and who they are but that’s for another post.

Perhaps you’ve discovered this gem on your own.  Perhaps I need to get a life, but here’s the link.  http://www.theschwartzreport.com/vb/index.php


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