I went to the Allegria Hotel for Sunday Brunch and it was Awesome!

allegriabrunch2I decided to check out Sunday Brunch at the Allegria Hotel (80 West Broadway, Long Beach, NY 11561). I am generally scared of buffets because I tend to overeat, especially when the choices are endless. That definitely was the case here. Between the meats, seafood, sushi, veggies, fruit, cheeses, omelet station, chocolate fountain, cookies, cakes; Whatever you wanted, this brunch had. Just look at my blurry iphone photos and you will see just how impressively vast this spread was.

It’s hard to comment on individual food items since I did more shoving-down-my-throat than chewing. Let’s just say everything I ate, I liked. For buffets, it was definitely way above your average (this was no Old Country Buffet). For the price the Allegria charged, it had to be.


Yep, I went in not even knowing or asking how much this was going to cost me. When I got the bill, I was surprised.. but actually not really, the more I thought about it.

At $57 a person, was it worth it? I kinda, wanna say yes, but hear me out: If you eat meat or seafood, you can definitely eat beyond that price. I watched people fill their plates with lobster like it was going out of style. I probably could have filled my plate with enough beef to rebuild a cow. There was enough sushi to swim in. Just look at the cheese table in the photo below. Who’s to stop somebody from eating that entire wheel of cheese? You get the idea.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention drinks, but that’s because I barely drink alcohol. From the Allegria website, $57 includes: Unlimited Champagne, Mimosas & Bloody Marys. Some can drink $57 of that alone in an hour or two.


If you plan on going, go with an empty stomach and eat your $57 worth. Based on my past mostly-mediocre personal experiences there, I was definitely impressed with this brunch. It’s a lot of $$, but every once in a while I like to treat myself. Sunday Brunch at the Allegria Hotel was definitely a treat for me.

What: Allegria Hotel Sunday Brunch.

Where: 80 West Broadway, Long Beach, NY 11561.

When: Sundays between noon-5pm.

Price: $57 bucks per person. Make a reservation or do the old “go 10 minutes before they open” trick.


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  1. Based on my past personal experiences there, I don’t think that I would care to ever go back there again.

    Sorry but I’m not even concerned with the price, it was everything else that was terrible..

  2. from the website:
    Atlantica Restaurant
    An array of delightful brunch items including a raw bar station
    Unlimited Champagne, Mimosas & Bloody Marys
    $57 per person exluding tax and service

  3. I wish this place well and hope they can put it together. It replaced a worn out third rate place and brings some life to an otherwise somnolent boardwalk. I also have mainly negative vibes about The Allegria based on a lot of things but maybe they can turn things around. What’s the alternative? Another empty building? If lobsters and bloody marys are included that’s a good price I think.
    Tracy- so what happened night of sandy?

  4. I would like to know how busy they are for this brunch special.

    Maybe the Allegria should realize what individuals went through and lost during Sandy and offer a resident discount. Even the bars offer a resident discount for admission during the summer. (Inn & Minnesota)

    Does the Allegria realize they are part of a community that isn’t the meat-packing distract in NYC.

  5. Its easy to put out a nice spread when you don’t have to pay your taxes, or pay the local tradesman who worked on the facilities in the hotel. This hotel should have been seized to pay their liabilities, but their political connections to City government prevented that.

  6. Seems pretty similar to the Garden City Hotel Brunch- $66.00 per person there though. Coincidence? Since their old hotel manager is from there? Hmmm….

    Also, just curious–around what time were you there? Was it THAT crowded that you feel like you really need a reservation?

  7. Jeannine, we got there about 10 minutes before they opened @ 12 and there were plenty of seats. I would say it started to really fill up around 12:30/1 where reservations might be a good idea. It might all depend on the size of your party.

    It’s a good brunch. I had my ups and downs at this place. they never did anything to me to make me not want to come back, so I am glad I tried this brunch. It was definitely the best experience I ever had at the Allegria – that includes actually staying there for one night, breakfast there twice and dinner around 3 times.

  8. No – we need to know how specifically they treated you poorly during Sandy and the details of your other bad experiences, otherwise what’s the point? Please make sure to also send out this info via twitter ( #outwithit )

  9. Yes Tracy: your saying you were treated badly is a conclusory statement and without being provided any details why should anyone give it credence? Sandy was a calamity and I’m sure everyone was under tremendous stress possibly including yourself. And you have not provided any details whatsoever despite your statement to the contrary.

  10. This is a great venue for a special occasion – we took our daughter there to celebrate her birthday at about noon on St. Patrick’s Day and it was wonderful. $57 is an awful lot of money, but for a treat it was so worth it. The abundance and variety of food is astounding – the sushi was marvelous, peach mimosas sublime; beef juicy and tender – I could go on and on. And actually, now that the boardwalk is gone, the beach views are gorgeous. Highly recommended.

  11. I’ve heard horrible things about this place. Bouncing their employees checks, jacking up prices immediately after Sandy and not paying contractors…. just to name a few. They are horrible business people in a small community. Leave Tracey alone!!! She seems to have ethics and a conscience. She doesn’t want to recommend a business with shady, unethical and immoral practices. I’m sure its nice and the food is good. But by going there you are supporting a business who openly rips off your neighbors. #wedemandtoknow #badbusiness #moneyhungryandunethical #whypayemployees #rudeandignorantthisplaceisforyou

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