4 Replies to “Ice flow in the Bay @ Jones Beach [VIDEO]”

  1. Iy is not Brackish Ice Renolds channel and Great South Bay will freeze over if it gets cold enough.I remember back in the 50s clam diggers would drive out onto Great South Bay to dig clams

  2. Brackish occurs places like the Hudson River where fresh river water moving downstream meets the ocean tides pushing upstream. The bays have no fresh water feeding them (or very little). They are no less salty than the ocean. Salt water freezes at almost the same temperature as fresh, but since it’s ebbing and flowing from the ocean you’re getting a constant refresh of warmer water… albeit right now only slightly warmer.

  3. Well I stand corrected. Thanks for the info. Just changed the post. I am just curious though about all the fresh water discharged into the bay. Because that was why I believed it was brackish when turned to ice. I actually didn’t realize salt water can freeze at these temperatures. I must have been asleep that day in science class 🙂

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