I’m not sure if any solicitation was involved, but we got those hummers for free. Satisfied?

I received an email from a worried LB taxpayer regarding the LBPD hummer/ humvee* photo that I posted yesterday. I just want to clarify how those vehicles came from army surplus a few years ago:

The City of Long Beach is pleased to announce the acquisition of numerous vehicles and equipment from US Army surplus, at no cost the City of Long Beach. Included in that acquisition, among other equipment, are two Humvees, a dump truck, crane, and a high axle 5 ½ ton truck. [LINK]


Why are they really needed? I have no idea. Buuuut.. some of you might remember how these vehicles where key in our failed attempt to annex neighboring territories back in April 2014:  (Read: BREAKING: CITY OF LONG BEACH TO ANNEX EAST ATLANTIC BEACH, ATLANTIC BEACH, LIDO BEACH AND POINT LOOKOUT)

*I know it’s a Humvee and not a hummer, which is the ‘civilian’ vehicle brand. I just couldn’t pass up on a  bad joke.

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  1. The vehicles may have been received for free, but is the maintenance free? Are the parts free? Is the gas free? For a Humvee, those costs can quickly exceed the value of the vehicle, itself. For a flood-prone community, I can see the value of a 5 1/2 ton and a crane. But the Humvees will float away as easily as any vehicle in our pre-Sandy fleet. So I’m unsure what their purpose or potential benefit would be. For an accurate assessment of the Humvees’ performance, I’d refer the City to the below story from the “Duffel Blog,” a military-themed version of “the Onion:”

    “Insurgent Offensive Bogs Down After Capturing US Humvees”

    “We were considerably more mobile with Toyota Technicals,” complained ISIS cell leader Ibrahim ibn Abdullah ibn Sabah Al-Rahman. “But once we captured these unreliable monstrosities, our leadership started worrying about our safety.”


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