Crabs can stay, but please put away those snowflakes :)

A reader asks:

“Great blog… Any idea why the Christmas lights are still up on the light poles? I’m a Catholic and love Christmas but it is almost March. I guess you can make a case to leave up the beach theme lights, but there are Christmas trees and candy cane lights in the east end. Long Beach is like that lazy neighbor who leaves their lights up all year. Not a good look….

Facebook group Project 11561 just brought this up the other day with the same idea: maybe leave the beach theme lights up, but xmas lights really need to be put away. I’m tired of looking at snowflakes when all I want is spring!  I actually kinda like the idea of the nautical lights being up all year round. Is that crazy?

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  1. I saw that the other night and thought the same thing. The lights in West End are still up too. Did they take down the “Holiday Light Spectacular” on the boardwalk yet?

  2. Anthony, I’ve heard a few people suggest, as you did, that the Holiday lights should be removed shortly after the Holiday season.ends. And others have said the Snow Flakes are up too long (not I, since I like them through March).

    And, we agree that the seashore lights should remain throughout the year, because they add personality to our commercial neighborhoods. (I assume the cost of lighting them is minimal compared with the labor cost to remove/reinstall the following year.

    But I want to go one step further. I love light shows. Would enjoy seeing a laser light show on the beach on selected summer (and winter) weekends, similar to the way the movies are shown on the beach.

    Long Beach could develop a reputation as the place to go for light show entertainment, even welcoming a competition of light show artists. Your thoughts?

  3. I honestly can’t tell if you are being sarcastic “long beach could develop a reputation as the place to go for light show entertainment”

    I would enjoy a light show or two though, maybe with some musical accompaniment.

    Last year the town had some great community entertainment, good diversity in movies on the beach, and I can’t wait for this summer’s list of activities to get published!

  4. I thought they had an end date of mid-January.

    The festivities kick off on December 2nd and will run through mid-January from Long Beach Boulevard to Magnolia Boulevard. Visitors can access the boardwalk from the ramps on Long Beach Boulevard, Riverside Boulevard, Edwards Boulevard, National Boulevard and Magnolia Boulevard. The Boardwalk Lights will be open every evening from 5:00pm to 9:00pm.

  5. I actually called the city at the beginning of February and was told that they were coming down that weekend. I was also told that it was because of all the snow. Well, here we are, almost in March, and Christmas decorations are still present.

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