Medical Marijuana: Five state-wide locations will be selected for growth and distribution. Should Long Beach be one of them? [OPINION]

In 2014 New York State passed legislation that will allow healthcare providers to recommend the use of medical marijuana under carefully controlled circumstances. Doctors will then be able to prescribe the Ganja in a non-smokable form to patients with serious illnesses.

Of course, this will all be heavily regulated. Under the Compassionate Care Act, five manufacturers state-wide will be selected to grow and operate four dispensaries for distribution. These exact locations have yet to be determined, but Plattsbugh, NY wants to be one of them:

“Plattsburgh, N.Y.’s Common Council said it wants local entrepreneurs to get into the marijuana business. The council voted last night in favor of a resolution that encourages companies in Clinton County to seek permission to grow and sell pot legally..[LINK].

Should Long Beach follow their lead? That is a question one reader asks, who adds, “[Marijuana] would bring people to town and do wonders for that new bakery in the west end!” Of course, on a more serious note, sees it as an opportunity for our city financially:  “It might even be more impetus to get the hospital open so people can get prescriptions, or they could just make the hospital one huge grow house and a small office for prescriptions.”

With the aging population of Long Island, medical marijuana is sure to find it’s way on our Island somewhere. Making Long Beach one of the five state locations to grow and distribute is something that could create jobs and really boost our local economy.



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  1. Definitely apply for one of these licenses,

    Nassau County has already voiced a 5-year strategy to grow its economy through a Health Care focus. Long Beach needs to align with the Nassau growth strategy, and this is one step towards that goal.

    We have a senior population that could benefit from this medicine. We have youths and an economy that could benefit from jobs.

    But, this should be one part of a larger plan. We should try to attract drug-manufacturers such as Regeneron, Celgene and other growing Pharmaceutical companies. Long Beach needs a hospital as part of this program. And, we should seek to lead health care studies in Diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Cancer.

    Am I overly optimistic…perhaps. But this could be an important step in our growth, beyond just Nail Salons and Bars.

  2. 80,000 americans die each year from alcohol, 11,000 of them killed by drunk drivers. 30,000 die from tobacco use. ZERO AMERICANS DIE FROM SMOKING POT EACH YEAR. That’s right ZERO! These stats are from the US Center For Disease Control, Atlanta GA. Pot arrests are a wonderful tool for lazy cops to pump up “narcotic” arrest statistics without working too hard and wasting mountains of time and taxpayers money

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