Project 11561 is asking “What are your top 5 Priorities for LB?” What are they?

10347493_738687422894650_6540223310965142114_nPretty good topic @project11561. Since we all have different opinions on every aspect of this city, what are your top five priorities? Of course I want everybody back in their homes, but I’m concentrating on five that are more city-specific. Here are mine in no particular order. What are yours? 

  1. Beautification. We need trees. Understand the Broken Window Theory, people who pick up dog poop and who don’t litter, better enforcement with garbage overall- with commercial & residents alike.
  2. Safety & Health. We are not getting the same old hospital back,  but we need something that’s 24/7ambulance serving with an emergency room &  that is local, so we don’t have to make that drive up to Oceanside. The Firefighter situation needs to be straightened out or explained better. Right now it’s coming across as a fight between paid firefighters and politicians, with use residents stuck in the middle. Because of that, I am very indifferent either way (sorry!). Also, along with health, we can’t ignore parks for our well being.
  3. Bring Back Transparency. While I wasn’t there, I did watch the last City Council meeting stream and it’s a reason why I’ve been so angry on this blog the past two weeks. I’m just so disappointed in the current Good&Welfare situation where residents can’t have their questions answered. That needs to come back. Kinda ruins the whole transparency moniker this current admin says they have and it could bite them in the butt come next election. Resident frustration should be minimized.
  4. Smart Growth. It’s the only way Long Beach is going to survive. Let me refer to this article in Newsday from a few weeks back, when developer Scott Rechler said:  ‘Long Island’s aging demographic points to a “drain” in the region’s young professional population, and a big problem for the future economy….”some developers who say the only future they will have here is in redevelopment, and a lot of that will revolve around transit-oriented developments.”……..Some young professionals “can’t afford to be in the city, and now they can’t afford to be in Brooklyn and Long Island City,” he said. By offering housing with access to transit while still providing a comparable “urban character,” Rechler says he believes that Long Island can retain a talented young workforce, and even attract one. [LINK]. The Waldbaums shopping center is a complete waste of space sitting next to a train station. AND to add to all that, Long Island in general is becoming a place for the extremely rich and the extremely poor, with middle class getting pushed out. We have an opportunity to prevent that from happening here in LB.
  5. Infrastructure Improvements. Along the lines of beautification comes street repairs, sidewalk improvements, priority repairs, etc. are so important. Can’t let anything crumble under our feet. Given the season, potholes is a big topic right now. Why do we need blacktop streets in Long Beach? Can’t we go back to concrete?

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  1. A Hospital is badly needed should take first priority……..Of course to see people back in their homes………Sandy was a horrific experience for all concerned……….Let’s take one day at a time & hope for the best for everyone

  2. It would be nice to have a maximum number of nail salons and cell phone stores. Lower the tax on small businesses to get some decent restaurants in. Fix the parking issue on Park Ave and the west end (parking structures?) so people can actually go to those restaurants without having to walk. You have to be realistic.. this ain’t NYC and most people don’t like to walk or ride bikes. Burn down Waldbaums.

    I think the area we could really grow is the bay side.. get rid of those ugly collapsing structures and put in a nice park. Add some dockage and commercial areas for restaurants on the bay. Make driving over the bridge to LB welcoming. It’s so darn ugly.

    The govt is corrupt. They could feign transparency, but it would just be lies and of course selective transparency. Kind of like Facebook.. look at all the great things in my life, but I won’t show you what’s really going on behind my doors. Unfortunately, the average citizen doesn’t really care… they just vote for the guy who got us a new boardwalk. Hard to fix that.

    Smart growth unfortunately depends on these corrupt politicians… smart growth to them is iStar. We have a “planner”, but she’s a straight out of college puppet.

    Concrete streets are very expensive, but last longer. Need to raise taxes for that.

  3. Plus one on the concrete streets and when you do the lifetime value, it comes out better that asphalt and when you patch it you don’t have uneven bumps like with asphalt.

  4. All sounds good. West end needs to be cleaned up of trash and stinky dog poop and per in hot weather. And keep them off the beach as it is the law. Maybe then we will have more visitors.

  5. Waldbaums is not the problem- alot of the people living behind Waldbaums is the problem. The mentality that a city can continue to provide welfare housing to multiple generations of a family has to end.

  6. I think its great the city is bringing in more emt’s to handle the ambulance calls. 75% of the FD emergency calls are for medical cases. Let the firefighters handle the fires.

  7. Wow this went off the rails in short order!

    Here’s my five to try and get it back on track:

    1) Reduce or hold the line on taxes and fees. (notice I include fees as that is how they have been back door taxing us)

    2) Repair city infrastructure; Roads, Sewers, Schools, Parking malls, Etc…

    3) Figure out some way to protect city from bayside flooding.

    4) Clean up and develop bayside by LB Road, perhaps a park, marina and some restaurants.

    5) Bring back government for the people, by the people and accountable to the people. I make this last since if it takes politics as usual to get the rest done, I would have to settle for that.

  8. Building up the bay side of town with some attractions/restaurants/docks. Even a simple spot to grab some clams and simple sandwiches.

    Get park ave on the same page as far as visuals. It looks like queens , not a beach town!

    Empty lots along Boardwalk should be turned into park space, band shell and food truck area. Not high rise buildings!!

    Dog park that isn’t next to a sewer plant!!

  9. from a planning perspective, walbaums is most definitely a problem. as currently constructed, it completely breaks up our main street, which is otherwise configured to have commercial right up to the sidewalk and lining the street. the shopping center is nothing more than a strip mall dropped down in the middle of our main street. the entire development should be brought up to the street with parking around back. while we’re at it, apartments should be built on a second and/or third floor above the street-level stores.

  10. on point number 3, the state has approved the Community Reconstruction Program’s request for uniformed bulkheading to run the entire north shore of LB. The project is currently winding its way through federal and state bureaucracy, but we’ll hopefully hear of money being allocated sooner than later. It’s not going to protect us from everything, but combined with backflow valves and other measures put forth by the committee, it should help a good deal with bayside flooding.

  11. 1. Health & Safety: LB must have a Hospital! It’s a quality of Life and risk of Death issue. Reduce crime risks.
    2. Develop an improved revenue generation strategy and plan: Long Beach 2020
    3. Implement expense control and improve service quality via metrics for key services e.g. Reduce OT to x%
    4. Beautification: Make us smile as we walk our streets and beach.
    5. Parking improvement: It’s the most frequent complaint, which can be improved with simple solutions.

  12. I’d like a town where I can be confident in buying a house knowing that some shitlord won’t turn the neighboring house(s) into Section 8 and utterly destroy my home’s value.

    This is a legit concern that is literally stopping me from buying a house. Notice all the empty townhouses next to the LB Hotel? Guess what’s in between them and the hotel…

  13. 11 months ago I predicted, sadly, that Eds efforts at getting anything done about WE parking would come to naught and that in one years time nothing would be accomplished except lots of meetings.
    Ed, one month to go. Can we have an update?
    I also predicted that Allisons efforts at putting some order in the bus schedule would be the same.
    Allison, how goes it?

  14. Beachguy, good to hear from you. Here’s an update on parking.

    The Police Commissioner has agreed to start a 6-month “striping” pilot test on Oregon St in April. A City employee has been selected to oversee the pilot test. We anticipate a 40+ spot improvement in West End parking when this is implemented throughout the West End, at minimal cost.

    And, there are 4 other actions that we will recommend shortly in a package to the City Manager.

    First, we are seeking to get approval to use LIRR parking spots available on summer weekends. This could also be another low-cost solution.

    Second, we worked with the Chamber of Commerce, which has developed a recommendation that could add several hundred parking spots to LB. Details to follow. Thank you Chamber.

    Third, we are working with local civic organizations to get homeowner support for a “residential parking permit” regulation, similar to the Albany and Newport RI programs..

    And, we are recommending a capital investment to increase parking spots, using specified City-owned property.

    Beachguy, let’s set another checkpoint in June, at which point we’ll know how much parking progress is actually realized.

  15. Ed, I am wondering what data the Police Commissioner is relying on for this striping project and if he has reached out to any neighboring municipalities to see if they have seen an increase in number of cars being parked on a given street when they switched from single meter to multispace parking meters. Rockville Centre made this switch recently on Park Ave and it might be beneficial for the city to reach out and see if they gained or lost parking spaces with the removal of the single parking meters. Will all the spots on Oregon be of uniform length?

  16. Ed, with your concerns about the hospital and safety I am surprised you aren’t vocal about preventing car crashes but instead favor working on parking issues. It seems that the amount of car crashes in your end of town would have you more concerned about not parking cars into pedestrians.

    Next time you talk to the Commissioner, go ahead and ask him exactly how many pedestrians have been struck and injured by cars in the past, oh let’s say 5 years.

    Better yet, ask him for the data on pedestrian injuries and deaths. You will be shocked by the data you receive from the LBPD concerning traffic injuries for pedestrians.

  17. Ed, if even one block gets striping I concede that you have accomplished more than everyone else in years of efforts. So I congratulate you even before one drop of paint has been applied. But I am going to withdraw my congrats if nothing happens. Please keep us up to date on the other proposals.
    Allison, any progress on the bus situation?
    Oh and Ed I thought I heard that the residents of one of the WE streets were going to take matters into their own hands and paint parking stripes. Do you have any information on that?
    Thanks for your untiring efforts

  18. Captain, thanks for your question. The data were drawn from several sources.

    First, on any day or night come to Oregon St (or any West End street) and you’ll see 2,3 or 4 wasted spaces…a half-car-space here, 3/4 of a car-space lost there. This arises since people park anywhere they want, impacting where others park and resulting in inefficient use of space. Check it out on your block, and you’ll prove it anew. I’ve confirmed this over 50 times.

    The homeowners on Oregon also know this. We distributed a questionnaire to all Oregon Street homeowners, Of the 2/3 who responded, well over 90% wanted striping. One who didn’t want striping said it was because it would prevent them from saving a space for their spouse. (I prepared a spreadsheet that shows responses on a house-by-house basis.)

    To help the residents understand what striping would really mean, we placed yellow masking tape on Oregon St curbs to indicate what an 18+ Ft space looks like.(Some spots are over 18 ft due to driveway configurations.) and, having this as a pilot test will help confirm opportunities and reveal potential problems.

    By drawing on actual results and requiring owner feedback, we avoided the problem some naysayers mention…that it won’t work in Long Beach. The data here is specific to Long Beach, supported by homeowners.

    FYI, similar data-supported analyses are being developed for the other parking recommendations that we are recommending.

  19. Allison B, you start out with a wrong assumption..that I don’t care about car crashes. In fact, making parking easier will reduce cars driving around and around, reducing total traffic and crashes.

    In fact, if you really want to reduce total traffic (and perhaps pedestrian injuries and fatalities) you should support any effort to make parking easier.

  20. Beachguy, thanks for the feedback. I’m actually more demanding than you regarding striping. I’ll only view this as a success once striping results in more than 40 extra parking spaces for the West End.

    In answer to your question: I hadn’t heard that people had taken striping into their own hands. I think working within the Police Department guidelines is the appropriate way to pursue this.

  21. And the entire city can be marked out and striped but in the absence of enforcement it will be nothing more than a waste of paint and the taxpayers money.
    If the past is any indication of what we can expect there will be zero policing and people will park wherever they like. And people will still take up two spaces awaiting the arrival of that special someone, when they will pull up a few feet and free up the other spot.

    Has the commissioner committed to enforcing the new parking spaces?

  22. Beachguy, during the pilot we will not have any ticketing, at the request of the homeowners. The Commissioner wants enforcement, but agreed to none during the pilot test.

    We’ll see if you’re right (or not) when the pilot test is over. I think community feedback will yield better voluntary compliance results than you expect.

  23. Point well taken. I do support parking solutions that reduce cruising for spots but on street parking should never be easy in a dense area.

    I think I am just slightly bitter that so much effort has gone into alleviate parking / counting space / striping initiatives meanwhile we have a traffic department that could not tell you how many pedestrians or bicyclists have been injured on our streets because they do not maintain any form of traffic report database. It is an insult to the victims and their families that a police report for a fatality is lumped into a pile with a fender bender.

    You and I need to catch up over coffee asap.

  24. F0RGET ABOUT PARKING METERS! IN THE 1950’s LB Democratic boss (his term for himself) shook down The Duncan Parking Meter Company for $20,500. Duncan installed hundreds of meters on Park Ave in the central business district, the boulevards and Broadway. LB’s central business turned into a ghost town–shoppers voted with their feet and took their nickels to Oceanside and the newly opened Roosevelt Field. If $23,500 sounds like peanuts to you remember that in 1953 it would buy four Chevrolet Corvettes. Here is a link to the story:,4784968

  25. Kayo, thanks for the history lesson. Please note that the plan we mentioned doesn’t include parking meters. We’re looking to increase the number of spaces, by better utilization of existing space and selected capital investment. The focus initially is on creating new no/low-cost spaces. Hope that works for you.

  26. ED and BEACHGUY – The flip side of striping is that sometimes neighbors will sometimes literally pull their cars bumper touching bumper so that they can get a few more cars parked on those busy weekends. If you are required to park in a marked stall or be ticketed that becomes an impossibility. By your numbers striping could gain about 40 spots to WE that is really only about 1 spot per block, People working together might be able to get much more parking per block.

    Parking will always be an issue that I think will require more than striping to solve. I think eventually we will need some type of a resident only parking scheme at some point as the inventory of available spaces is just getting smaller as people elevate or build new homes each with a driveway that now takes away from available parking spots. It is a very complicated issue that gets worse as demographics have changed so the days of one car families are long gone.

  27. MeinLB, thanks for your input. I’ve looked at the West End parking habits for almost a year, and have not witnessed the super-efficient parking approach you mentioned. But, please identify a block where this occurs and I’ll gladly check it out.

    FYI, with striping we actually expect 2 or more spots per block. The pilot test will give us info to identify which is our best future approach.

    And, we agree that a Residential Permit Parking system is highly desirable, but will require considerable support. We’ll contact you when we initiate this recommendation.

  28. 1. Bring back an elected mayor
    We need someone in charge who actually answers to the people of this city
    2. A hospital or at least a fully functioning emergency room is a necessity
    3. Bring everyone home
    4. Stop the political pandering crap and make the superblocks into something we can be proud of
    Not more condos something along the lines of the paramount in Huntington with something attached for the kids of this city to do
    5. Stop letting the old guard (wether they are still on the council or not) controll and ultimately shoot down and destroy anything that happens or is proposed

  29. “Fix the parking issue on Park Ave and the west end (parking structures?) so people can actually go to those restaurants without having to walk. You have to be realistic.. this ain’t NYC and most people don’t like to walk or ride bikes”

    Oh you silly, cranky bubble people are so funny!

  30. John M: You have unknowingly described what existed along the blockfront where Waldbaum’s parking lot now lies. Stores with apartments above ran from Park Place (now Evans Blvd) to Riverside. There was an alley behind the stores just like the alley behind the Post Office through to the movie theatre. Over time a number of things happened: Boss Kohut’s parking meters, an exodus of shoppers to Roosevelt Field, Oceanside and RVC. Lots of vacant stores and a departure of the middle class workers who resided above the store’s,replaced by welfare recipients. At one point the City of LB demolished all of the houses on the other side of the alley (to the north) and made it one huge parking lot behind the stores fronting on Park Ave. No one used the parking lot because of the high crime in the neighborhood and cars being vandalized. Commuters wouldn’t park there for the same reasons. The stores and parking lot were demolished to build the Waldbaum’s you now see and it was a huge improvement over what was there back then..

  31. Some good points here and not much of the trolling that usually occurs.
    Parking is a big reason I don’t dine in the west end in the winter. If I go down there and don’t find a spot in a few minutes I come back east. Summer, it’s just too damn crowded to even try. If there was a lot I would not mind walking in summer.

    Totally agree with stop building luxury condos. People with that kind of money do not want to live in Long Beach. Look at the vacancy in the Aqua, the monstrosity that broke every zoning code in the book and destroyed the view of the people in the neighboring building of longtime residents. Lot of reasons, but go to any beach town where they do want to live and look at the town. It sure doesn’t look like this one. Streets are in horrible repair, there is no uniformity to the stores and like someone said, with a nail salon every other store it does look more like Queens. We have a lovely new boardwalk but there is an abandoned trailer serving as a shelter for the stray cat population between Monroe and Lincoln. At least there aren’t any rats.

    Beside the fact that they don’t want to be on a public beach…..this is what our beach is and the rich want more privacy. Give us something we, the residents can use in those lots!

  32. Hallycat, I think your comments reflect the thoughts of most of Long Beach residents (and many visitors). We need more parking!

    Here’s a simple 5-step plan regarding parking:
    1. Implement a “striping” program to efficiently use existing parking on side streets and major streets.
    2. Use Long Island Rail Road parking during the summer.
    3. Build parking spots along several of the medians (this is a recommendation from the Chamber).
    4. Implement a Residential Parking Permit system, similar to that successfully implemented in Albany and Newport.
    5. Invest in additional parking by building second tier to existing lots and/or converting some portion of school athletic fields to parking.

    Your thoughts?


  33. Long Beach is becoming a place for the extremely rich? Its the section8 capital of southwest nassau, home prices are falling steadily here, drive around and see how many houses are for sale.

  34. 1) Angelo LaMonte on city council
    2) Jimmy Bennessy city manager
    3) fire all democrats
    4) bring back so fields
    5) make Mona goodman deputy city manager

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