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  1. can we sell the 3 unsavlagable building to a haunted house company. Having it like blood manor, nightmare nyc or larger scale like terror behind the walls? Get some Autumn money coming into the town?

  2. Well that was written by someone who is just repeating the same half truths and downright inaccuracies and probably thinks it is a fair, unbiased synopsis of the situation. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but if it is offered as an editorial it should at least be informed.

  3. Nursing homes do NOT send patients to the hospital on a whim. They are paid a per diem. They may be able to bill for a bed hold but not enough to make them anxious to send their patients out. Additionally, I would be amazed if there is a single patient in any nursing home on Long Island paying their own bills. They either have long term care insurance or Medicaid, both of which would require reasonable cause for admission.

    I was never a fan of the hospital administration, but they were not craven, as this op ed implied.

  4. Mr. Peck, Which would generate more revenue, a nursing home patient or a hospital patient? If both facilities were owned by the same entity wouldn’t they benefit by placing them into the higher revenue generating facility? Something akin to what SNCH is doing now by converting the urgent care to an emergent care facility.

  5. The fix was in. We’ve been over this already. Former Senator Al D’Amato owns Park Strategies Llc lobbyist firm. Anthony Cancellieri is the VP at Park Strategies. Mr Cancellieri was also installed on the board of South Nassau. John Vitale, the developer who owns King Kullen, Paddy McGees, etc and is building a “gated hamlet” on that land (directly opposite the LB Hospital grounds) was also installed on the board of South Nassau and is a life-long friend of D’Amato. South Nassau has been paying Park Strategies $120,000 annually since Cancellieri was installed on their board. Last year they were paid to lobby for “FEMA funds related to Long Beach Hospital”. Isn’t that great, you get installed on the hospital board of SNCH and then pay yourself to lobby for them for past 7 years. Patricia Bourne, who mysteriously was given the job of Economic Development Director for the City of LB, used to work for/with Cancellieri in the Suozzi Adminstration. Dean Skelos one of the “three men in the room” up in Albany was silent on this issue. I wonder why? Dean is from RVC, Anthony Cancelliieri was Village Administrator of RVC. I wonder who got him the gig? Don’t they run into each other at the grocery store or walking the dogs and chat about things like maybe almost $200 million in FEMA funds being stolen from Long Beach? This issue is not going to get resolved with petitions or bullsh%# letters from City Council. This should be on the desk of US Attorney Preet Bharara who had Speaker Sheldon Silver locked up for being the crook that he was. If Todd Kaminsky wants my accolades, then expose this crap, get that money that rightfully belong to Long Beach Hospital spent in Long Beach where it should be, bring back the over 1,000 jobs that were lost along with the $250,000,000 lost to the local economy. Don’t sit back and champion some bullsh%$ ambulance stop-over boondoggle.

  6. It isn’t that simple. Both types of care are paid based on formulas that are too complex to try to explain here. Suffice it to say, I don’t believe they were doing that.

  7. Where are our local politicians? If the City Council was serious about getting a return of a needed hospital they would change the zoning on the property to only allow a hospital and NOT the gated hamlet/condos that are inevitably coming! Writing a feckless letter, making a public statement is not enough! City Council should be using all powers available to them to stand up/fight for its residents!
    Todd, please dust off your prosecutor skills and let’s get to the bottom of all the questionable inside dealings!

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