4 Replies to “Long Beach on 60 minutes. FEMA: Evidence of fraud in Hurricane Sandy reports”

  1. This….and now congress threatens a government shutdown which will reduce the disaster relief -Sandy-funds attributed to NY, and NJ.

  2. Sadly, the potential govt. shutdown has nothing to do with the bureaucratic behemoth, aka jobs program, that is NY Rising. The program is mired in a wasteland of fraudulent promises made by politicians who don’t give a crap about anyone on the East Coast. I have yet to learn of any individual who has received financial assistance or reimbursement, with the exception of tear-downs and businesses. Yet we keep electing the same idiots from the same parties. If Sandy was Katrina, Obama et. al would be bending over backwards to help. Instead, look at our poor neighbors who are being called “thieves” by our own federal government, which employs crooked contractors and provides no oversight. What a shame — my heart goes out to these people.

  3. Unfortunately there’s fraud on both sides. Adjusters, engineers et al minimize the storm caused damage while some property owners exaggerate and try to collect for unrelated damage.

  4. Kind of like those people who received housing assistance while they “paid rent” in their uncle’s basement somewhere (= profit!)

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