Residents are going ape shit over the cost of new boardwalk bathrooms

1546271_834280529951058_5253338656817183705_n8 Million dollars for 5 bathrooms. That is 1.6 Million each and doesn’t even include tampon dispensers!  Funding is being provided through public assistance grant monies from FEMA, but geez, Eight freakin’ Million?

These five bathrooms are going to be constructed on the north side of the boardwalk at Grand, National, Edwards, Riverside & Lincoln Blvds. Based on the boardwalk Phase II meetings, they will mostly likely be built on top of new bump outs, leveled with the boardwalk. Bump outs were a main request at the Phase II meeting by us residents, due to the concern of not interfering with the current boardwalk flow. So yes, we kinda asked for this. I was there and it’s true, thus the high and unexpected price. Perhaps more ipe is driving up the cost? I guess we will find out more details this Tuesday.

If you go on facebook and check out some of the more popular groups such as Project 11561, you will see residents going ape shit over this cost. Please keep in mind, the bathroom image that they posted that looks like an AT-AT from Empire Strikes Back is of Rockaways and is NOT what we are getting.

From the March 3rd City Council Agenda:

WHEREAS, the City is now rebuilding the first five bathrooms, located at Grand, National, Edwards, Riverside and Lincoln Boulevards, making them more resilient by elevating them and placing them on the north side of the boardwalk, in compliance with FEMA regulations and guidelines; and

WHEREAS, after due advertisement therefore, bids were received in the Office of the Commissioner of Public Works on February 19, 2015 for the general construction of the five bathrooms; and WHEREAS, Grace Industries, Inc., 11 Commercial Street, Plainview, New York 11803 was the lowest responsible bidder, at a cost of $7,950,860.00; and  [LINK]

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  1. we don’t deserve nice things. the comments on that 11561 thread are absurd. take exception to the price tag all you like, but complaining that we’re getting bathrooms while we continue to have potholes and/or don’t have a hospital speaks more to the ill-informed nature of our citizenry than it does to the job being done by and/or priorities of our city council.

  2. Honestly construction cost in NY state is insane!! So I believe it…we need to all be patient and get more info. For this price I’m assuming that it will be a state of the art facility, meaning tough free everything, but again constructing the infrastructure may eat up the budget. As long as the contractor isn’t a friend or family of someone in the City in all ears!!

  3. No one is saying LB can’t have nice things. Maybe question if we know how to take care of the nice things we get. 11561 comments are about how crazy that government is spending 8 million on 5 bathrooms. It is crazy. Especially when so many are struggling to get home and they are looking for 100k.

  4. In addition, residents are watching our city bond and spend money. Many homeowners who have been shelling out thousands because a of Sandy are now scared about taxes going up and not being able to afford to live here.

  5. Does this include the proposed build outs, pilings, sitting areas, shade, showers, lockers, changing rooms, etc?
    I think I want to see the full proposal before reaching any conclusions.

  6. Here is what the resolution the city council will be voting on says:

    RESOLVED, by the City Council of the City of Long Beach, New York that the City Manager be and he hereby is authorized to enter into a contract with Grace Industries, Inc.,11 Commercial Street, Plainview, New York 11803 for the general construction of the five bathrooms at a cost of $7,950,860; with Baltry Enterprises Inc. d/b/a Bancker Electric, 218 Blydenburgh Road, Islandia, New York 11749 for the electrical work at a cost of $145,500.00; with Bancker Construction, 218 Blydenburgh Road, Islandia, New York 11749 for the plumbing
    work at a cost of $360,000.00; and with LiRo Engineers, Incorporated, Three Aerial Way,Syosset, New York 11791 for construction administration/inspection services at a cost of $220,000.00.

  7. A bathroom on Edwards right by the Train Station will bring in all the trash, druggies, people changing clothes etc. a disaster in the making.

  8. In my opinion, the bathroom will offer rooms for Out of towners to properly change to prepare them to dine in a long beach resturaunt or patronize some other LB establishment.

  9. –Has anyone actually seen the drawings and specifications for these new bathrooms?
    –Could it be possible that the design team may have actually incorporated items that most of us are not considering?
    –Will there be other amenities incorporated into the buildings besides bathrooms?
    –Could it be possible that these buildings, which are supposedly planned for the northside of the boardwalk. will be raised over the roadway to allow for parking underneath?

    Since this project is publicly funded the Bidders must comply with New York State Department of Labor Prevailing Wage Rate Schedule and conditions of employment. Some studies have estimated that adds 76% to the cost of a job as opposed to market wages, using that study (although paid for by opponents of prevailing wage)in this case that accounts to over $3.5 Mil of the 8.7 tab.

  10. MrDunes, How does that help the resident in the west end who is forced to go back to their house or take a knee by the dunes to go to the bathroom?

    If the businesses are so concerned with “offering rooms to out of towners to properly change”, why don’t they burden the cost of those rooms, why should the residents bear that cost? I realize the bathrooms are being paid by FEMA, but concentrating them down in DFD land does add a “cost” to residents who do not have bathrooms at other locations.

  11. Re: Edwards Blvd. location-you can’t even get onto the beach there anymore. Why would you build a bathroom without beach access?

  12. I think the problem is the way this news is delivered. Residents are up in arms about the costs (that isn’t meant to sound negative), but it seems most believe LB residents are on the hook for the excessive price-tag. Then they say “we’re getting a bathroom instead of a hospital – wtf?!” But the two items are not mutually exclusive, and the argument is dead on take-off.

    Then they say “we do too much for out of towners,” as if LB residents don’t need to use a restroom on the beach.

    John Mcnally does a good job of pointing out that this money will not be a burden on residents alone, but it falls on deaf ears (or eyes, since it’s on a computer). This isn’t to say grant money isn’t tax money, but it’s from a larger pot than the already cash-strapped Long Beach.

    The real costs residents should be concerned with are maintenance and upkeep for these rest-rooms.

  13. Bathrooms are important no matter what. Who/why they are used is another discussion altogether. What should drive all nuts is the fact that for $44 million (how much are we on the hook for?), partially paid by FEMA, why didn’t this boardwalk include bathrooms?!!! Why is our genius City Mgr going back to the same contractors who gouged us on the boardwalk? Why aren’t we asking how much legal work is afforded to the Dem Leader as part of this deal? Every penny that is thrown away on these deals, is money that should have been used to fix the infra structure in LB. Or to LOBBY the upstate crooks for a hospital in LB. The big mistake we all make while battling each other here, is simply that. Our fight shouldn’t be neighbor vs neighbor. If we held the City Council and the City Mgr accountable for once, there would be $$$ to make BOTH sides of these arguments happy. Take a look at City Hall. Look at the names and the jobs. Connect the people and the names. Did the City ever go out and recruit EXPERTS to work here? Did they look for people who KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING?? Maybe we, the residents, don’t get screwed on a regular basis? This is what we should be discussing here.
    Peace to all.

  14. That is a very fair observation, but the rockaways are approx. 26 miles (in total) and included retail space, lifeguard stations, first aid stations and bathrooms/water sprinklers/water fountains/showers. as well as dune replenishment/repair. the rockaways project was actually well thought out and quite comprehensive. in fact, it included temporary boardwalks in areas where the construction was happening, in order to provide basic amenities during summer months.

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