First Community Reconstruction Program Approved: Bayside bulkheads being the main priority

From the Long Beach Community Reconstruction Program:

“The Governor issued a press release today announcing the first projects approved through the Community Reconstruction Program. Long Beach’s, the #1 priority of the committee, is to install uniformed bulkheading the entire length of Long Beach’s north shore. A “Request for Proposals” for the project should be issued shortly. We’ll post news articles and details as they become available. Thanks again to the state, city and volunteer committee for all their hard work in helping to make this a reality. [LINK]

3 Replies to “First Community Reconstruction Program Approved: Bayside bulkheads being the main priority”

  1. This poses an interesting dilemma. Will they be bulkheading private property? Does this mean that anyone that lives along the actual bay frontage will be getting a new bulkhead for free? What about the other residents down the canals? What about that person that recently installed a new bulkhead and a deck, will that get ripped up and replaced gratis to meet the new height requirements? Along with the new height requirement also means that any existing ramps down to the dock will be too short an even some docks too short to accommodate a longer ramp. Who pays? Does everyone on the bay get free bulkheads, free ramps, free docks? Or will the added expenditures be forced on a homeowner? Are gates getting installed at canal ends? And then there’s that old argument about the “upland” canal blocks where the homeowner lives across the street from the canal and they’ve gone ahead and built gazebos, decks, docks, ramps and in some cases even fenced of the property that they don’t own and were never given a permit to build on. Should someone living in apartment building not be granted access to a bulkhead on city owned property and be greeted by such signs as “don’t even think of parking your boat here? If you live one house off the bay is your neighbor going to get a free bulkhead and you’re on the hook for $40,000. This is going to be an interesting conversation when the time comes.

  2. Yes,Yes,Not determined yet,Yes,Depends on location,The homeowner,bulkheads yes other items no,the other items yes,not at the moment,the apartment owner is free to purchase a property with a bulkhead and park whatever they wish next to it,Why is that homeowner on the hook for 40gs?

  3. @short. but the apartment owner, as well as the homeowner on an upland block didn’t purchase a property with a bulkhead. They purchased a property with a water view. Remember, those houses are across the street from a small city owned parcel that has a bulkhead. How does one get a permit to build on city owned land? Are there any other areas of city owned bulkheaded property where someone in town can park a boat and build a deck? Are there permits allowing the construction of decks, gazebos, fences,bbq’s? As for the 40K, I was imagining a situation where someone needs a bulkhead along the canal further south of the bayfront. It would appear as though they would have to pay out of pocket, but if you live in a more expensive house on the bay, it’s free?

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