Bike Sharing is still coming this Summer

Last time I heard from Social Bicycles (SoBi) was on the boardwalk last summer when they told me they’d have 40 bikes by the fall [LINK]. That never happened, but winter did, so the topic went dormant until now.

I emailed SoBi last week, as did Project 11561, wondering what the deal was. As our minds ran amok with rumors and google searches, Project 11561 and I started to collaborate on a joint article, but in the mist of it all SoBi responded:

“We are certainly planning on being in Long Beach this summer!  Look for us to start installing around town in the next two months.  We’ll be up and running before summer begins.

socialbicycleslongbeachGood news for those who are looking forward to having bike sharing back. I know it’s a touchy subject for some who feel the city should promote bike rentals with our local bike shops, but I have to admit, I am a fan of the kiosk format. When we had Decobike pre-sandy, I had a situation where a group of six rented bikes in the East End, road the boardwalk all the way to the west and ate at Swingbellys. It was a situation that never would have happened if those bikes weren’t there. So in my opinion, bike sharing does help local businesses.

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  1. Bike share does help local business.

    People on bikes getting smothered by cars due to no infrastructure, education or smart engineering- yeah, not so helpful with business. The whole maimed or dead thing kinda gets in the way.

  2. And as soon as we hear stories of more car/bike accidents due to all these additional bikes on the streets, the demands will go out for lower speed limits and a ticket blitz by LBPD against cars only – while reckless bike riders continue their ways, talking on cell phones and texting while riding, not obeying any traffic laws, etc.

  3. Please define the profile of a biker because as far as I know a biker is also a pedestrian, a grandmother, a child, a driver, an elected official, a lawyer, a person without access to a car, a person with 2 cars, a parent, a tourist, a business owner, a person going to work, a person finding work, a student, a business owner, a librarian, black, white, hispanic, asian, male, female, gender nonconforming, straight, queer, trans, old, youn, mid-life, tea party , republican, democrat, communist, socialist, anarchist, aetheist, bible thumpers, jewish, rich, poor, struggling and the 1%.

    We are all those bikers. Human beings and citizens with inherent rights.

  4. That’s a horrible comparison. Bike riders routinely run stop signs, don’t pay attention, carry open alcohol, cross mid-block and travel the wrong way on streets…not exactly the same as someone dressing a certain way and not doing anything wrong.

    As for the whole “maimed or death thing”, I can’t seem to recall an epidemic of bike fatalities in this town. I don’t know if I can even name one.

  5. Right now bikes are considered a break from and different from everyday life. We do it for exercise or relaxation. It’s done socially riding with friends on the boardwalk talking, on the street we look around at houses and gardens in ways we don’t in our car. Regular rules and thinking don’t always apply in our minds. But if we enable and foster the habit and practice of adults using bikes every day around town, instead of cars, for going to the store shopping, errands etc. as well, better bike habits will come.

  6. Exactly right. By far, bike riders are the most careless and reckless users of the roads – compared to drivers and pedestrians. They obey no traffic signals or signs, riding the wrong way on streets, not keeping to one side when riding in pairs, talking on cell phones, texting, listening to music on headphones so they can’t hear car horns, biking with a friend riding the handlebars, biking at night without proper illumination. You name it, they do it. And they are never ticketed. But of course, because they are “green” – they can do anything they want.

  7. If only they could drive 50+ mph down West End side streets, or weave in and out of traffic and tailgate other cars on Park, now that would be something!

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