Mentors are needed immediately [Every other Wednesday @ Long Beach Public Library]

It takes a village.  No, it takes a barrier island! Volunteering and mentoring go together as much as our sand and sea.  You can be the change in a kid’s life.  I don’t have time you may say.  It is difficult to schedule time to volunteer.  It may seem we have been asked a lot of our time the last couple of years.  We have, but whom better than to help shape the life of a child then those of us that call this Island home?

Mentoring increases the chances that a child will succeed academically, professionally and socially. Youth with Mentors are more likely to stay in school, do better in school and have less drug abuse and risky behavior.

Mentors are needed immediately.  Please see flyer. Let’s help make it successful!

Liz Treston


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  1. Liz, thanks very much for the info about the Mentoring program. Seems like a great investment in our youth and Long Beach.

    I filled out the application and am awaiting their review and reply.

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