This is Bull S**T. I’m going to Bike on Park Avenue (signs should be changed to say ‘sidewalks’)

UPDATE: The sign says no bike riding in the business district. It says nothing about sidewalks. I would be totally fine if it said sidewalks. Even if I am wrong, they should be changed. People are asking me if the signs are new. I have never seen them before and I notice EVERYTHING. 

I am not telling you to bike on Park Avenue, but I do and still will. I feel comfortable doing it. Don’t bike there if you don’t feel comfortable. Cars and Bikes are supposed to share the roads. Park Avenue is not a highway.

Are these signs illegal? They look fairly new, so I am assuming this has to do with that traffic study the city is selling us on. Allison Box, where are you?

I do not like the direction the city is going with this. What the city is basically doing is killing our local businesses, because I rely on my bicycle to shop locally. I guess I will hop in my car, get fat and shop in Island Park.

Wow…. what a way to bring complete streets to Long Beach. More like complete bullshit. The entire country is figuring out ways to bring bikes to our streets. Long Beach? Nope. Let’s live in the 1950s. Look at Manhattan or Brooklyn as examples. If they can do it there, they can do it anywhere!

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  1. Then it should say sidewalk. I agree that bikes should not be ridden on sidewalks, unless you are a little kid going 2 mph. These signs tell me the entire park avenue. I hope I’m corrected.

  2. If they dont want bikes then someone needs to tell the summer beachgoers from out of town where to park thier cars because i cant leave my block all weekend if the weather is good without a bike because i will never find a spot in the summer… basically this town is being pruned for out of towners….not the taxpayers

  3. There is a sign near FIVE GUYS that says no bikes on the sidewalk, but these signs appear to be new. I could be wrong, but I never saw them before. They sure look new. I wouldn’t mind if they said NO BIKES ON SIDEWALK.

    If they are old and they go against what the city is trying to do, perhaps they should be taken down?

  4. Bikes shouldn’t be ridden on the sidewalk by law in NY, they should be ridden on the street. Kiddies going up and down the block in front of their home should get a pass on that, IMO.

  5. The signs have been there for at least 3 years now. They are in reference to riding on the sidewalk in the business district, located from monroe to magnolia??. It is actually illegal for anyone over a certain age (children) to ride a bicycle on a sidewalk in the city of long beach but the law is not strictly enforced. Every spring/summer/fall when the number of cyclists increases, the city deploys officers to patrol the business districts for cycling on the sidewalk. I have seen first hand the police issuing $50 summonses for such violation of the city ordinance.

  6. Yes, those are the ones that I remember. You can tell how weathered they are that they’re old. They also say sidewalks. The ones in the photo in this post should specify sidewalks.

  7. I just drove past that location and can report that Allison is at this moment shimmying up the pole with what appears to be a wrench or sharpie between her teeth. Either way the issue with this particular sign will be negated shortly.

    However the overall issue of signage (incorrect, missing, nonsensical) in this town will continue.

  8. For the record this is the current city code:

    Sec 231 Riding bicycles and tricycles on sidewalks
    a No person shall ride a bicycle or tricycle upon a side walk within a business district
    b No person ten 10 or more years of age shal lride a bicycle or tricycle upon any sidewalk in any district
    c Any person violating any of the provisions of this section shall be liable for each offense to a fine of not less than two dollars 200 no rmore than twohundred fifty dollars 25000 or imprison ment for not more than fifteen 15 days or both

    Code1957 8129 Ord No 938 1 10769 Ord No 106474 1 7671 Ord
    No 121774 1 4274 Sec 232

    Sounds like an update to Alice’s Restaurant. “What are you in for kid?”

  9. I never ride on the sidewalk as it is impossible with all the restaurants blocking the sidewalk with their open air tables. They make it almost impossible to walk on the sidewalk too.

    But I will continue to ride on the street where it is my legal right to do so.

    Just another example of Jack the Dictator doing what he wants to do without regard for what the citizens want or entitled to do.

  10. Hey remember that time when this city was run by dicknuckles and those guys jumped out of a helicopter? That was awesome.

    Anyways, those signs are referring to no bicycles on sidewalks in the business district. I find them to be absurd. The sidewalks are clearly safer to bike on for some people so if you want them off them, then give people a safe place to ride. Simple as that. Can’t bitch about people biking irresponsibly and not following the rules of the road if you don’t allow them safe access to a road.

    Bike Month is May. I want an pop-up bike lane on Park Ave on a Saturday.

  11. I always used to call that show Mel’s Diner. I loved the episode when they thought treasure was buried in the diner so they tour it all up.

    oh and thanks for the code. I am hearing that the sign pertains to the sidewalk, but that’s not clear. It should be changed, in my opinion.

  12. Anthony, we have a generational gap. I wasn’t talking about the TV series “Alice”, but the ’67 Arlo Guthrie song, “Alice’s Restaurant”

  13. Now we are run by a new crop of dicknuckles! Nothing changes in LB! I have to say I thought the new ones were going to be better turns out just as bad if not worst!

  14. I have run a business in town for over 10 years now, and those signs have always been there, though I can not attest for the ones that don’t say “sidewalk”. Countless times I have had to dodge people riding their bikes flying down on the sidewalk. ONE time I saw a rent-a-cop giving someone a ticket for riding their bike on the sidewalk and it turned into a spectacle and they had to call in uniforms to deal with it. I honestly wish they would stop more people from doing it, just give them all very stern warnings to start, then if it continues, start handing out fines.. I don’t know about $200 though that’s excessive!

  15. And you just came to this conclusion? Where have you been? No bike lanes for residents, people talking in groups in bike lanes on board walk, shared bike program with OUT OF TOWN company. DDDDDDDDUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHH, ya think they care about residents? NAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  16. Away from where people are walking YES, absolutely! Pedestrians need space to walk safely, too. Away from main streets???? But how are people suppose to get to work, job interviews, the laundromat, church, the market, post office, doctor appointments,or wherever they need to go if they do not own a car? Or if prefer to not use their car to go the 2 blocks? Everything’s on the main streets. It’s not a highway, it’s a central strip of destination shops, errands and economic opportunity’s.

  17. I work in the business district and every Summer I have a near encounter with a biker who doesn’t care he is riding so fast it almost runs over a pedestrian . Those signs have being there for several years .

  18. No excuse for riding a bike on the sidewalk ever. Any statement attempting to justify it is pure hypocrisy if the goal is safe streets and transportation equity. I ride my bike down Park’s business district often and like Anthony feel up to the challenge even as I look forward to improvements that will enable safer passage for me as a bicyclist, on the streets, where I belong. Ticket sidewalk bicyclists and make them pay. Anyone who has ever walked downtown has experienced what LB LOU and Mer GI Vel report. The sidewalk bicyclists know exactly what their selfish disrespectful selves are doing. Lou is too kind.

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