Misleading, Confusing & Uninviting Bike Signs to be Replaced

2015-03-20 08.54.32Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 9.29.04 AMRE: THIS IS BULL S**T. I’M GOING TO BIKE ON PARK AVENUE (SIGNS SHOULD BE CHANGED TO SAY ‘SIDEWALKS’)

When I bike around Long Beach, I generally don’t carry a code book with me. Do  you? Yes, I get the signs are meant for no sidewalk biking, but look at the sign in the top photo. That’s just not clear. That’s why I consider these signs to be misleading and confusing, but also uninviting!

I just received word that “New signs will be made at the sign shop during the week. Hopefully replaced by mid week.” 

I consider this a victory for our business district and also our city’s goal for complete streets. Now about the look of the signs….  How about the ones below. They look pretty nice! I just hope one day our city considers beautiful and colorful signs like these. They stand out, are clear and don’t confuse you and kinda make things quaint, don’t you think? 10509492_10203714871568334_6703586355238324347_n

14 Replies to “Misleading, Confusing & Uninviting Bike Signs to be Replaced”

  1. Anthony, I’m sure the city hates you, but us residents appreciate everything you do. Man of the year! I love love love the signs on the bottom of the page. wish the city would consider those.

  2. Yeah! Did Dictator Jack realize he goofed? Oh my! If he says he didn’t do it, that’s a load of crap. He’s responsible for everything in this town. That’s why he’s called city manager.

  3. I would love to see those signs on every other pole in the downtown area. And on the alternating poles there should be similarly designed signs that explain that double parking is not allowed. These clear signs make the rules so… what is the word? ummm Obvious

  4. Of course he’s responsible. I personally saw him making the signs himself. He’s the city manager. That means he does everything in this town. All the other people just collect a check for staying home. The city manager doesn’t manage those other people, he does everything you think they do. So yes, Jack is personally responsible for this mistake. Because he’s called the city manager.

  5. We can put every change up for a referendum. Five comments agreeing to anything on SbtC makes it a non-binding resolution, ten and it becomes law.

    I’d like to put forth for the first vote a compensation evaluation for each employee, comparing their entire compensation package to non-government workers. Who will second my motion to put it up for SbtC comment vote?

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