Happy 1 year Anniversary, LOOK 4 GRAND RE OPENING sign. WOOHOO!

longbeachmovieTake out your party hats and pop open some champagne. It’s time to celebrate one year of looking at that LOOK 4 GRAND RE OPENING sign that was placed on Long Beach Cinemas exactly one year ago today (see- LONG BEACH CINEMAS: LOOK 4 GRAND RE OPENING!!).

According to the traditional and modern anniversary gifts guideline: paper, cotton or a clock are appropriate the first year. I’m kinda hoping we’ll see a Golden Anniversary, but all claims are saying that the theater will actually reopen this Spring. Just don’t hold your breath….

6 Replies to “Happy 1 year Anniversary, LOOK 4 GRAND RE OPENING sign. WOOHOO!”

  1. I have a STRONG feeling we will never see that theater open again. A disgrace and completely ridiculous. This is an eye sore that every single person sees as they come and go to/from Long Beach. A disgrace to the city!

  2. This was part of the stinky super block deal by Dictator Jack that got messed up. How many more pieces of crap deals did Dictator Jack mess up? Shall we start counting?

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