A very special City Council Meeting regarding trees on March 24th. Plus let’s talk Pinus thunbergii !!!!!!

city_sealThere is a very special City Council meeting on March 24th regarding trees (and emergency repairs to a standpipe). I want trees! I need to see some trees! I cannot wait to get some trees! I am so depressed when I don’t see any trees!

From the agenda:

“authorized to enter into a contract with Louis Barbato Landscaping, Inc., 1600 Railroad Avenue, Holbrook, New York 11741 for the furnishing and planting of approximately 2700 trees and all associated incidental work, in accordance with plans and specifications on file in the Office of the Commissioner of Public Works, at a cost of $1,390,385. [LINK]


Since we are on the topic… about those Japanese Black Pines [Pinus thunbergii]:

“Japanese black pine had been among the best species for planting along Northeastern seashores until about 1990. The species has suffered from insects and diseases and has fallen rapidly in esteem [LINK]

Are these the same Japanese Black Pines that are in our Tree Replanting Master Plan? (A big thank you to reader ‘Joe’ who pointed this out)

2 Replies to “A very special City Council Meeting regarding trees on March 24th. Plus let’s talk Pinus thunbergii !!!!!!”

  1. I agree we need trees, but at what cost? At the city council meeting where Dictator Jack’s lieutenant, the commission of public works had the consultants show us the master plan; He also explained we were $500,000 short in funding. Interesting how the cops get paid their $200,000 a year and fire services are being cut by a half baked ICMA report that Dictator Jack lives by. I think its time we get true leadership into our city government. The puppet show they call city council is just that. Rubber stamping everything Schirmann puts in front of them.

    Something is just not right with the way our city is being lead. One last thing, they corporation council guy,sorry but I forgot his name is an absolute disgrace the way he conducted himself at that meeting. The disrespect he showed to everyone, well if he worked for me he would have been fired immediately.

  2. Oh please – enough with the crying. Times are changing and this town is finally catching up and finally getting financially smarter. Deal with it or get out. Dear god I’ve heard enough from Union babies screaming. Plant the trees, stream line the fire department and move on for Petes sake.

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