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  1. Does anyone know if that sign was updated yesterday when the Loop Bridge was stuck so as to provide actual useful real-time information?

  2. Long Beach’s streets follow a grid design. Interesting Allison how we considerate it a hallmark of civilization when ancients employed this strategy, grids made and make sense even as they create intersections (potential danger). That said, our streets were designed from the early 1900’s forward and as Allison points out, they are not particularly well designed for safe equitable multi use (cars, bikes, pedestrians) , what is the wave of demand in our evolving suburban future of vibrant downtowns centered around transit hubs. Perhaps, given this demand and the decrepit condition of our much older east coast village and city streets, the Feds will finally realize the value of major public works initiatives that not only create jobs, but re create where we live to provide what we want and need to be competitive in the 21st century. Big infrastructure money,deficit spending, bonding… not in one national party’s playbook, it’s not military, even if it is in our enlightened long term interest. So until that money comes for the redesign, maybe a few sensible signs that remind people to be careful (watch for bikes before right turns for example) are worthwhile.

  3. Do you know why the streets in Levittown were designed curvy? So you couldn’t drive fast. Levitt purposely did it so when the kids were playing in the street, they were naturally protected. Shame Senator Reynolds didn’t think that way. But then again in those days you couldn’t go that fast. Maybe Dictator Jack can find a way to get his $200,000 a year cops to actually enforce the law.

  4. Hi Lifelong, your most recent post is the second time recently that you referred to our City Manager as “Dictator Jack”.

    Since you are a Lifetime Resident of Long Beach maybe you never lived under a true dictatorship. But, some people have and they really understand that what we have in Long Beach is nothing close to a Dictatorship.

    Not sure if you lack a sense of history or civility, but referring to our City officials as Dictators neither helps the conversation nor the tone we need to improve our City in the future.

    I can understand your frustrations, just can’t understand your choice of inappropriate words. Maybe you think my critique is off-base. If so, I’d be happy to discuss with you what it’s really like to live under a Dictatorship.

  5. Ed, my apologies, but I am frustrated and there seems to be no accountability for our city manager. Just seems he runs the show the way he wants to. While this may be an insignificant item, the city entered into a contract to have some parents run the concession at the ice arena. I’m all for that but when the resolution was voted and passed not one member of the council or jack knew the actual identities of who the city was entering into a contract with. Embarrassing to say the least.

    I do remember the days when city leaders like Kohut, Fleishman, Kleiner and others from the 60’s and the 70’s got things done without creating problems, financially, socially, or politically.

    Just seems Mr. Schirmann answers to no one but himself, very similar to how a dictator would.
    I would hope you would worry less about the name calling and more about the way this town is heading towards a calamity if we cut fire fighters and we have a real big fire like what happened in Brooklyn. Shame 7 kids perished with adequate fire coverage.
    We are going to rely on a undermanned paid and volunteer staff?

  6. Lifelong, glad to hear you’ll avoid the unfortunate name-calling.

    I understand some of your frustration. But, honestly, I’ve had better results with the City Manager and other officials. Some of it results from taking on less volatile issues than the firefighter firings.

    But a more significant part arises from the belief that change can occur if we work together. The “we”/”they” approach has few winners. A more cooperative approach yields more results.

  7. Less volatile issues that firefighter firings? Now I know your really not in touch. I pray for all our families in the unfortunate event of a fire. We need their protection and to cut them would just be another example of the bean counters running the world without regard for what is really needed and the true cost of adequate protection.

  8. Lifelong, suggest you take a deep breath and reread my post. I didn’t say that the LBFD firings were unimportant. Instead, I recognized how volatile an issue it is.

    FYI, I was a Union President for a 5000 person organization and a Director Administration for a 10,000 person organization. That has helped give a balanced view of these issues.

    Read my last paragraph about a cooperative approach yielding more results. Calling our City Manager a Dictator, or denigrating “bean counters”, or asserting I’m “really not in touch” lowers the conversation. Try lifting the conversation next time and you might get results.

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