Trees: I’m Confused with this Barbota Bid [Opinion]

I apologize for a very confusing post. I’m confused as well. I might have to make corrections… but I think I’m right. Somebody help!

There’s a lot of conversation going on via social media regarding Barbota Landscaping: The winning bidder for our tree replanting, who were the same company that was in Breach of Contract last summer with the Georgia Park rebuild.

The weird thing with this whole story is how a week after our city declared them in breach of contract, they won a contract for planting trees in New Jersey (at a much lower price, by the way) [LINK], which was then cancelled [LINK]:

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 2.58.26 PM

So NJ hired them and fired them? Now LB hired them, fired them and is rehiring them? The question that everybody seems to be asking is this:



The Timeline:

1. July 15th, 2014 agenda [LINK]:

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 2.35.04 PM

2. July 15th, 2014 proceedings [LINK]:

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 2.38.29 PM

3. July 24th, 2014: New Jersey Hire [LINK]

4. November 17th: New Jersey Fire [LINK]

5. March 24th, 2015 Special City Council Agenda [LINK]:

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 2.42.57 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 2.43.50 PM

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  1. Louis Barbato Landscaping is from out in Brookhaven. I am shocked! hahaha no, I’m not really shocked but I am pissed cause we have plenty of good large scale landscapers within 10 miles of 11561!

  2. The City is not required to accept the lowest bid. The have the right to reject a bidder that they consider irresponsible. The law requires that the City hire the lowest responsible bidder. In this case obviously Barbato Landscaping is not the most responsible bidder.

  3. Actually the city is not required to accept the lowest responsible bidder, in this case they are taking the lowest responsible bidder. According to NYS General Municipal law and LB Code bids are allowed to be awarded to that bid which provides the “best value”. Best value bidding intended to provide the city greater flexibility in awarding contracts and ensure that the city obtains the highest quality goods and services at a low cost.

    Regarding Barbato Nursery/Landscaping they have contributed close to $100K in the last 15 years to various campaign committees, overwhelmingly all of those donations have been made to republican candidates

  4. To answer the question of “why”, we’ll that’s simple this administration is only looking out for their backers and cronies and not the residents / tax payers of this city. But that’s ok cause come Nov they will have made a bunch of empty promises and maybe gotten the movie theater open and the stupidity townspeople will vote them in again. Can you say “thank you sir may I have another “

  5. Bravo Capt Obvious. You are starting to connect the dots of this merry band of thieves. yes there are many “contributions” associated with this illustrious landscaper. Yes, the majority are Republican entities who benefitted. Some though are Democrats. Maybe, wink, wink, this is how it works. Maybe the people in Brookhaven get a donation or two. maybe they are close with a key democratic leader in LB. Maybe that key Democratic leader gets some unsolicited legal work from his “friends” in Brookhaven. Maybe, just maybe, all of a sudden, voila!!! there is a decision on a tree planting contract in LB. But wait a second!!!! Maybe the tree planter decides he can’t afford as large a donation as was originally agreed upon. Maybe now there is a tussle with the “friends” in Brookhaven. Maybe the tree planter is told that he won’t be paid for a “long while.” Maybe, all of a sudden, the tree planter is in breach and his references will be soiled. Maybe our fearless leader Capt Jack decides, the original contract is in breach and lets do the tree planter dirty because he “wasn’t a team player.” Sound familiar Mr. Eramo?? Maybe, just maybe, this is a peek at how this dirty little club of Dems work in LB.
    Just a “theory” on my part. We should check this with Gordon and see if it has any basis in fact.

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