For Sandy victims in the South Shore of Long Island, the National Flood Insurance Program is not the only recovery agency that may have cheated them out of millions of dollars. Homeowners also relied on a state program, also financed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, to raise and recover their battered houses. But two and a half years later, the agency keeps changing the rules, the families are in debt, and the properties remain destroyed. [LINK]

A film by Arianne Alcorta. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2015.

3 Replies to “HOME-WRECKED [Video]”

  1. I get why they would want to withhold the second half of the payment until work was completed. BUT it’s pretty arrogant to assume that every homeowner has an extra hundred grand laying around to bridge that gap… because contractors certainly don’t work for free. Bummer.

  2. Would this be an possible resolution, after the homeowners informs the state the work is complete the state would then provide the second 50% and place a lien on the property that would be lifted after the final inspections?

  3. This video is so very sad. However, the woman who says that having breast cancer is easier than dealing with NY Rising is speaking her truth. My heart breaks for her and the countless others. Many of us have given up.

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