Long Beach Local View videos. Is anybody watching? [Oh Boy… ]

Do it right or don’t bother. That’s my motto when it comes to these “Long Beach Local View” videos. What videos am I talking about? Exactly.

Initiated by the City of Long Beach Economic Development Team, “Long Beach Local View” is a video series that spotlights local businesses [All the videos are here: LONG BEACH LOCAL VIEW].

I’m not complaining about the videos themselves (production is great) or the amazing businesses that are highlighted. My problem is with distribution. Most of you don’t know about these videos because the city is doing a terrible job sharing them. Posting them on the city’s Facebook page isn’t enough and it’s really not my job to seek this kinda stuff out so I can ‘SHARE’ it on my lackadaisy Facebook page. There should have been a wide distribution on the city’s part to make sure the goals of these videos are met. That did not happen.  As I write this article, the views for each are as follows:

Maybe those views will go up after this article, but those numbers as they are is not enough considering the amount of work, production and money being put into them.

Why didn’t the city reach out to my blog or other social media sites such as Project 11561 to share these videos? Perhaps our city doesn’t like these groups and holds a grudge against us, but when you spend the money and go through the effort, you have to put all politics aside and think of the greater good. In this case, the greater good is helping all these wonderful local businesses out. The City should have reached out to every single Long Beach-related group on facebook, blogsphere, twitter, tumbr and everywhere else. Do everything you possible can to get the most amount of people to watch these videos. One simple group email. That’s all. We are all connected. USE IT! This is really just bad public relations on the city’s part because now they have me complaining about them for this zero effort.

economicteamIs this the first initiative from the Long Beach Economic Development Department or have they done something else already? It’s been almost two years and I feel like I haven’t seen them mentioned anywhere since their birth announcement (May 22nd, 2013- ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT TEAM HITS THE GROUND RUNNING).

Like I said, this has nothing to do with the videos themselves. The production is great, the businesses are great, but with absolutely no effort to get people to watch these videos, I just see this entire initiative as a complete waste of money. Posting it on the City’s Facebook group is not enough. Do it right or don’t bother.

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  1. One problem is the city has blocked so many people from its “official” Facebook page that even less people see it. If you ever make any kind of a comment that does not agree with their rosie view of LB or try and “call shenanigans” when they are laying out some BS they just block it so you can no longer comment on their page. I’m not talking comments that are clearly offensive, vulgar, racist or any kind of “hate speech” (which should be blocked) just a simple negative comment gets you blocked. They seem to miss the basic point that social media is about being social and creating dialogue.

    I agree with you 100% that these should have been distributed much wider as what purpose do they serve if only a handful of people, most of whom live in LB and already know about these businesses see them?

    Finally you ask what does the economic development department do in its almost two years of existence. I don’t know, does anyone? I think they might be the ones that handout pamphlets on the boardwalk in the summer but I don’t know what else they do or how much it costs.

  2. So we have the Economic Development team, we have the city’s own PR department, we have/had that tourism campaign (which is run by Creative AC/Beach Comfort team?). I am probably missing a few others.

    We seem to have a lot of divided efforts to promote the city, but no real consolidated true marketing team. How much are all of the employees/consultants above being paid, and how? Tax dollars, grants? If I recall the last summer tourism push cost 700K, mainly paid through grants and donations. So on top of that what else are we paying for?

    And where the heck is the chamber?

  3. Those two comments above pretty much sum up my rant. I was contacted by the videographer who spends a lot of time and his own equipment making these wonderful videos. More people need to watch them. The “PR/economic team/beach Chair group/whoever else marketing” should have reached out for distribution or all this effort is spent. It’s a great effort with the production, not a great effort on the citys part reaching an audience.

  4. I don’t live in Long Beach, but I just watched the videos and now plan on coming down this weekend for a donut. Any recommendations?

  5. I read about them in the Herald [LINK], saw it on the long beach webpage.

    While I am surprised they didn’t reach out to you, in fairness to them, they have almost ten times the audience you have.

    Project 11561 had to know about these videos (also a much smaller audience than the city of lb page). I stopped reading their page a long time ago when they just kept going negative. Maybe they declined to post them because it makes the democratic counsel look good when their agenda is clearly to get republicans elected.


  6. To clarify, I was saying I stopped reading Project 11561. I still read the city page and obviously your page! Please don’t go negative and start endorsing republicans like they are trending to do.

  7. I’m not saying I have the audience of the city of LB, but don’t go by my facebook page if you want to know how many actually view the blog It’s much more than you think

  8. Here we go, no one can make a valid point about anything in this town without someone inserting their ridiculous political POV into the mix.

    For the record, I am a member of Project 11561 and a registered independent. I vote for candidates I believe in, and not along party lines. I don’t care if you are democrat, republican, working party, tea party, green party, pirate party, libertarian party, etc. If you show commitment to our community, and have the proven track record to back it up, you have my vote.

    Project 11561 believes in LB, and we consistently share ALL that we love about LB. And yes, we also bring attention to topics that drive us crazy, or that puzzle us.

    Eric – you don’t need to follow us, it’s cool.

    Back to the topic at hand – totally agree with Anthony. Great blog post. Thank you SBTC for all that you do.

  9. jesse, how did you find out about the videos? You didn’t just discover them yesterday! Is there a reason you haven’t been sharing them? If you say it’s just because you were “asked” you sound like an elementary school kid on the playground.

    I saw them on the city website and on Facebook. Hadn’t read the herald article until it was posted here.

    The whole project has a very raw feel to it which makes it really cool. Kudos to everybody involved for making it happen.

    P.S. Anthony Eramo has shown a commitment to the community and a proven track record but you have failed to support him at all.

  10. Narrator: In a time not too long ago when all was right and all lived harmoniously, the main boulevards were barren and devoid of plant life.

    Pear Tree: Enter, stage left “Peee uuuuu”

  11. Some of you are turning the whole issue political. It’s not about being political, it’s about making this city shine.

    But do you know what I think? Project 11561 has done a lot more for local businesses in the past week than the Long Beach Economic Development Department has done in the past 2 years.

    How do ya like them apples?

  12. The number is very erratic. it all depends on the day, how many articles were posted and the time of year, etc. I still get a large amount of hits when I don’t even post an article. Does the city of long beach show up in facebook feeds on days they post nothing? nope.

    Most people come to this blog via google search, then URL (subscriptions/bookmarks) followed by facebook then twitter, links on other websites being last.

    I just use facebook to post article links. Believe it or not, it takes a lot of work to build an audience there and to retain it. I’m more worried about this blog.

    Anyway, I didn’t want to turn this into a numbers game. But… my point being, if the city had a goal to reach with these videos, they should have distributed them better no matter what my audience is.

  13. I wish I could… the maple bacon is freakin amazing, but I actually have a gluten issue….. Anybody?

    Oh and I’m so happy the video reached out to you! Hope you’re able to make it down this weekend!

  14. @Eric Gibson Wrote “While I am surprised they didn’t reach out to you, in fairness to them, they have almost ten times the audience you have.”

    Eric, I clicked on that herald article link. While the city did reach out to the herald for these videos, that Herald article has only 2215 views. I love the herald and I know that does not include their paper distribution, but my articles get more views than that number. While the Herald is fantastic by reaching local Long Beach people, this blog reaches to people outside the area. Folks in Brooklyn aren’t subscribing to the Herald to found out what events our public schools are doing. It’s very localized. These videos need to be viewed by people who don’t live in the area in order for them to really work.

  15. Actually, the City’s Facebook page is the only active social media platform to date the City utilizes. There is a Twitter and Instagram account but not used daily, which if you wish to get a message out you need to send a least one tweet or photo daily. While they have more people liking the page 12K plus, the actual engagement is less than many of the other pages addressing LB issues, including Project 11561.

    Project 11561 had over 3K in engagements compared to 938 on Official City page this week.

    You’re off base about the Project 11561 page’s political bias as well. There is no Democratic Counsel.

    *Opinions are my own and represent no group or organization.

  16. Here here! Everything is “I am a voter!” Look at this Garbage from the fire Union all over the city. We vote! we vote! Who do you vote for? Unnamed republicans who haven’t even declared candidacy yet? It’s crazy. At the end of the day, democrats will support democrats and republicans will support republicans and all of these political Facebook groups (11561 or otherwise) mean nothing as it’s just the same angry people chattering back and forth with each other.

    Often the most vocal long Beach face bookers don’t even live or vote here ironically enough.

  17. I’ve heard AMAZING things about the maple bacon and the fruity pebbles! I like the cannoli a lot myself. But to me, the jelly might just be donut perfection! Whatever you end up getting, enjoy! 🍩

  18. Ok, so back on topic….I doubt I would have seen these promos if Anthony hadn’t pointed them out. They are cool and I love seeing businesses in Long Beach being promoted but I am not sure that is what a tax payer funded economic development team, department, commission, whatever should be doing. That is the role of the Chamber of Commerce.

    To me, the point of Economic Development is to attract NEW business to the city by either drawing them here from other locations or facilitating start ups of new enterprises that enhance life in LB. Not another nail salon!

    Irrespective of their political leanings (which I never noticed) the folks over at Project 11561have done far more to promote businesses here than any of the agencies that should have.

  19. You said it Anthony! But that’s the problem with the Economic Development team and Gordo. They do this stuff but don’t set up a real action plan to measure against. A big reason for that is they spend too much time doing damage control or the bidding of a certain someone (I think his name had a z in it) as opposed to doing their real jobs. And if this is for the local businesses then where oh where is our cracker jack Chamber of Commerce? Another bunch of do nothing dolts. They should be all over this but they’re not cause they couldn’t care. These new local businesses should take over the chamber of commerce and sweep out the old hacks.

  20. Hey Anthony, how about sending the Video team down to the west end ‘s The Mermaid Art Studio? With our high rent and out of the ballpark monthly expenses just to open the door for our small business, we sure could use the Publicity!!! the city could also make it easier on small local businesses by reducing commercial taxes that our landlords pass down to us in our exorbitant rents….I can list many other ideas!!!! Till then, bring the cameras down!!! Seriously!😀

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