5 Replies to “Anthony of SBTC asks “They’re going to finish painting this, right?””

  1. They had a change in ownership last year and have been working on the building since then (inside and out). The front of the building is half painted too. It seems they stopped when it got too cold, I just hope they actually start again since I stare at it out my window every day.

  2. Hoffman Manor was mustard yellow brick with red-orange trim circa bad ’70s eyesore style. Trust me, the unpainted photo above is a vast improvement.

  3. The OceanCrest Hotel was the home of one of Long Island’s first radio stations. WCLB was operated from a rooftop penthouse between 1928 and 1931by Art and Leo Faske. They transmitted between the hours of 2-5pm and 8-10pm.

    How’s that for another unknown and unappreciated Long Beach landmark! I wonder if the radio studio room is still there.

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