PSA: ‘sign week’ is now called ‘sign month’ [Reader Question]

2015-03-28 10.59.48Sign week on SBTC continues to keep continuing! A reader asks:

“Is sign week over? What is up with the signs on the corner of Monroe and Park?  I realize the elected ones place signs next to public works projects announcing the project and prominently displaying their names, but now they are not even placing them by the actual location of the project but on Park Ave. for all of us to see?

Yeah, why do those on E. Park Avenue have to know about the reconstruction of 200 Block East Chester Street? Oh wait, it’s election year. Move along…..

2 Replies to “PSA: ‘sign week’ is now called ‘sign month’ [Reader Question]”

  1. The sign shows how smart the City Council is: None of the people listed to the right of the emblem are running for elected office. If the City Council was smart they would had left the ones on the right, off the sign. Then the Council names could be 3-4 times larger. Somebody will hang for this stupidity. I’ll bet that the guilty party’s name is on the right side of the sign. Good place start on the search for the guilty.

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