Confusing signs on new parking median [Sign Month Continues]

Sign month continues as the emails keep pouring in. This post was written by a reader who questions the new parking median btw Neptune and Roosevelt and also questions the length of time it takes to repave blacktop. 

The parking signs at Roosevelt and Park aren’t clear. This is what you see as you approach:

Instead of two signs on two poles with seemingly conflicting arrows, how about one pole with one sign that looks like this:
If necessary, put the words “One Way” under that, all on one pole.
Otherwise, you’ve got a Which Way Do We Go? situation.
In that same parking plaza, the No Right Turn signs look like factory rejects, the arrow is supposed to be centered in the circle and not touching any part of it, like this:
Instead, the ones put up look like this:
And why is the sign so low (or why did they use a sign post that is too tall)?
I think these were probably put in by Nassau County DPW, but don’t worry, here’s one courtesy of LB DPW:
That “street cleaning” has been going on for several weeks, maybe even a few months at this point — I’ve lost track to be honest.
Seriously, I get that we’ve had bad weather, but how long does it take to repave a short stretch of road that is well beyond it’s expected lifespan? What’s the cost to the city when broken down on a square foot basis to repave a road that has fallen apart and is that comparable to other municipalities? Has anyone run the numbers and found that it’s cheaper to wait until a road segment is completely unrepairable and then repave it (while constantly filling potholes over the years) as opposed to earlier repaving?

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  1. GIVE ME A BREAK. It’s only confusing to those who cant read. One sign says parking…the other says one way….what the hell is so confusing. And now we’re complaining the sign is too low?? Select a real issue for god sake.

  2. There are dozens of traffic crashes at that exact location every year so yes it is a real problem when street signs cause more confusion than direction for even a sliver of the drivers passing through.

    It must be so nice to be like you or sam and find street safety and signs to be a joke, to have that luxury of never having to bury a loved one because they were hit by a speeding car.

    Sorry if we are complaining too much.

  3. No and No. Allison – I’m sorry for your loss – and I’d complain about speeding as well. Nit picking sign placement and the height of a sign doesn’t make people speed.

  4. Gotcha but consider this- the DMV does not require common sense to obtain a drivers license so the slightest ambiguity / that split second required to process something uncentered can create that quick turn of a wheel that sends one car into another, or into a person.

    We canNOT let any part of the street design including signs to have any errors, we need them to be perfect because humans navigating the streets are not. That’s how I look at it.

    Hope this makes a little more sense out of our responses.

  5. Allison. Now I see your point – ok – I get it and agree. Just seems lb has turned into one giant complaint and I guess I long for when we actually used to like being here. Thanks for the discussion.

  6. Thanks for being open to a discussion! 🙂
    Yeah, the bashing on this website (which Anthony has been good about curbing when the Patch stopped being uber local) and other social media is only going to get worse due to the election year.

  7. Ted, I get how some might view it as complaining, but I like to view some of it as constructive criticism. There desperately needs to be a culture change here when it comes to certain things. A few years ago I used this blog to complain and complain about the trucks on the boardwalk – especially after I witnessed and followed a meter-maid travel the entire length of the boardwalk as a joy ride. We complain. I complain, but there are sometimes good reasons to do it.

  8. Anthony, I like “constructive criticism”, but what too often appears are people calling our elected officials “hacks”, “trolls”, “incompetents” and the accusing them of being on the take.

    I agree with Ted…that’s not constructive. Nor is it constructive to have cursing in some responses.

    And, the political extremism results in too much “we/they”. We should be working together to improve this wonderful city, rather than waste time with damaging back-and-forth junk.

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