10 Replies to “Guess how much we like Waldbaum’s?”

  1. Somehow I’m not at all surprised. Especially that Deli counter, where they have the absolute worse help in the world.
    That’s why I stopped shopping there.

  2. not to mention the fact that their veggies are horrible. no spray to keep them fresh. their bags rip and have holes. I never shop there anymore.

  3. At the moment I’m in fL and have shopped in Publix the second super market on the list from Consumer Reports that has Waldbaums last on the list. Publix has no self checkout registers whatsoever. If more than 2 people are on line another register is opened immediately. They have people to take your purchase to your car and tipping them is forbidden. Never ever are wilted veggies on display, They are spotless throughout, ditto the parking lots. I never met a Publix employee who was anything but cheerful. Publix employees a lot of seniors and handicapped people. No loitering bums, winos, muggers anywhere on the property. Shopping carts all work, no bent wheels or filth. Every single employee I ever encountered was polite. Waldbaums has always been a pigsty, even when it was on LB Blvd.

  4. If I remember correctly, they have a 99 year lease that expires around 2081. At present, they pay rent to Long Beach of approximately $85,000 annually. The combined taxes are a little over $600,000. Over two thirds goes to the school system. The rents generated from the stores go to them. Theydon’t have much incentive to be competitive.

    If our shopper special runs to the soon to be built Costco in Island Park,
    Waldbaums might re-think the way it does business here.

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