Focus Group for Pacific Playground on April 2nd. Is a rebuild forthcoming?

IMG_1665Pacific Playground used to have a pirate ship, but that sank a few years ago during one of the storms. This playground needs an upgrade. I know this as a fact because I’m there a lot. So when I heard about the Pacific Playground Focus Group, I got very excited. Is a rebuild forthcoming? I sure hope so! These parks and playgrounds are what makes Long Beach so special. Will the generous donation of $57,487 from Aboff Paints be applied? [LINK]

Waters Edge/700 Shore Rd
April 2nd @ 7pm
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Thanks Project 11561 for gathering the info 🙂Page1

The City is hosting a Pacific Playground Focus Group to gather input and feedback from those residents who live and play in the local area.

Feel free to share the date and time (April 2nd at 7PM) and have any interested residents RSVP for the group at, and further information will be provided to them. Again, thank you for writing and please contact me if you have any further questions.

Ryan McTiernan
Assistant to the City Manager

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  1. Please get rid of the sand… If I want to spend 20 minutes hosing sand out of my kids’ butt cracks, I’ll go to the beach.

  2. Wow Sam, that’s harsh. I understand the park is near the beach. But sand is the single worse material to have at a playground. Based on your writings, you seem to be more of a get off my lawn type of a person and probably not familiar with playground flooring.

  3. Hi Anthony,
    I was at the meeting last night. I brought some drawings and a model (which I tried really hard to finish in time for the meeting, but was unsuccessful).
    First I’ll talk about my model since that’s obviously what I valued the most :-).

    When I first heard about this public focus group about a playground, I thought of “Playground for All Ages.” This is important to me because, like the wonderful documentary “Never Leave the Playground” exhibits, as you grow older you lose your stability, balance, and coordination. So as a child at heart, I went to my neighbors, and peers, and heard from all of them, that they have very similar ideas. I put pen to paper, then wood to glue and made my idea come to a proportionate version of reality.
    I looked at the site, and on the south of the Park, is a space of land that is unused, and it’s 85′ x 34′ by my conservative estimate. (Look on Google Earth and see what I’m talking about) The idea is based off of what was once in both Pacific Park, and Camp Anchor’s Wooden Park (Where I once was a volunteer). It’s a space of static 15′ tall wooden piles. There are six rows, of nine columns, as well as a 20′ stretch of monkey bars spaced out two feet a bar, 7′ wide (So multiple people can travel the bars at once). They are 7′ off the ground.

    The monkey bars end at the origin of the static grid where bars start are spanned 3.5′ apart, on a matrix of 90° 180° 270° & 360° and incline and decline at ranges of 3″-18″. This static equipment can be used for gymnastics (Parallel bars), dip bars, pull ups, chin ups, etc. a rope can be suspended from it for climbing, and even rings can be suspended. My favorite element reaching for a bar off to my side and continually travelling while hanging at different altitudes, and feeling like a monkey. This is wonderful for not only for upper body stability and balance (think inversion), and coordination, but your heart as well. The best part is, if someone does let go/slip, the only thing there is for one to land on is sand.
    Also a balance beam which has a zig-zag design, and the width of the wide beam trails gradually gets narrower. Challenging oneself on this will engage balance, stability, and coordination as well.

    There was good feedback by everyone on this design.
    I heard an idea of triangular fabric suspended above to provide shade, and a couple of picnic tables (both of which I liked).

    There were representatives from the City Managers office, including our city manager Jack Shnirman, also public works Commissioner Jim LaCaruba, as well as City council women Fran Adelson, and Eileen Goggin. I want to say that it was very nice to see people coming together on an opportunity to improve our neighborhood.

    Thanks again for being involved.

  4. Dear F.A.N.W.C, great ideas! Thanks for taking the time to develop the concepts, come to the meeting, and work with everyone who showed up (including City representatives).

    Anthony, that’s what I call “constructive criticism”.

  5. If you’ve ever been to Santa Monica you know how cool it is for a beach to have a adult gymnastics equipment. I love that idea

  6. The sand area can be paved over with asphalt and rubber top you imbecile. I tried for years to have the glass and brick imbeded in the sand to be removed but was ignored by the city. Kids need a reak from the sand.

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