Public forum on the future of the Long Beach Medical Center [April 13th]

longbeachmedicalcenterDear Fellow Community Members,

I am pleased to announce that I will be hosting the New York State Department of Health (“DOH”) at a public forum on the future of the Long Beach Medical Center (“LBMC”). South Nassau Communities Hospital (“SNCH”) has also agreed to participate in the forum in Long Beach on April 13.

This forum was scheduled in response to my letter to the DOH, sent on February 16, requesting a public forum that is mandated by law to be held when a hospital closes.

I believe this discussion will allow for officials and SNCH to hear directly from residents affected by the closing of LBMC and the subsequent lack of vital medical services on the Barrier Island.

I encourage you all to attend and share your concerns so that our voices can be heard.

Todd Kaminsky
Assemblyman, 20th District

Where: Long Beach City Hall, 6th Floor
When: April 13, 2015 at 7 p.m.

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  1. Congratulations Assemblyman! This is a vital discussion…literally a “life and death” topic. The DOH needs to hear the voices of the Community.

    I’m in favor of a full-service Hospital located in Long Beach,
    Managed by SNCH, using FEMA funds. In addition to medical reasons, there are also economic reasons supporting the need for a Long Beach Hospital.

    Come to the Meeting on April 13. Support our Assemblyman and our Community.

  2. Thank you Assemblyman Kaminsky . Beach to Bay and all its partners have been waiting a long time for this. I would caution everyone to beware of any Elected Official or individual who tells you we don’t need a Hospital. This is a Barrier Island . We need and deserve a Hospital.

  3. We should thank Todd for aligning his viewpoint with that of the Beach to Bay Central Council of Civic Associations (BBCCA). For two long years the volunteers at the BBCCA have kept the public aware of the dangers of existing without a hospital. They held public rallies at the Lindell School, the Library, and outside City Hall. The BBCCA spoke at countless Civic Association meetings, PTA meetings, School Board meetings, Halftime Howie’s radio show, editorials and articles in the Herald, Sea by the City, and conducted television interviews for the News12 and TV55. They met with Schumer’s office, Skelos’s office, FEMA, the SNCH CEO, and LB CIty Council. They also kept the issue alive by creating online petitions, facebook and web pages, and printed hundreds of “Long Beach Must Have a Hospital” lawn signs, just to name a few. Hundreds of hours of research have gone into the BBCCA uncovering the economic impact and job losses. It was BBCCA’s volunteer legal council that pressured the NYS DOH to hold this public forum, that under NYS health law, the barrier island residents are legally entitled to. Assemblyman Kaminsky’s action on this issue is greatly appreciated, but it is ultimately the voice and efforts of the residents and civic associations that will return a hospital to this island. This issue cannot be left in the hands of a single local politician. You and I have an obligation to attend the public forum and accept nothing short of the hospital services we require.

  4. Thank you for your persistent persuit on behalf of those of us that reside here in Long beach.This meeting should have occured before any decisions were made. A “pavilion”, erected at a fraction of the 153 million dollars allocated does not meet the medical needs for a barrier island. It is merely a “prop”. Where is the rest of the money being spent? In my opinion it NEEDS to be spent right here in the form of a functional Medical center upgraded better than we had previously.Downgrades are not acceptable in this situation.Also, on a personal level, my physician here in Long Beach has no hospital to practice in as do many others. This is rediculous. Why would I want to be transported and seen by someone who knows nothing about my medical history in a emergency situation? Sounds like “grade “C” medicine to me. I want continuity. I want MY cardiologist if and when I have a problem.I want it ASAP and STAT, not sitting in traffic on Long Beach and Oceanside Roads….Then finally arriving as a DOA. I will be at the meeting. We need a real hospital now.Again Phyillis…Thank you.

  5. The Beach-to-Bay Central Council Civic Association is a rallying center for various civic groups, community organizations, the Chamber and thousands of residents who are demanding that a full-service hospital, using approved FEMA funds be used here in Long Beach to help restore this island from the damage inflicted by Super storm Sandy.

    “…population, recreational and boating facilities, geographic isolation, and dependence on drawbridges to access the mainland, LBMC, despite its size and unstable financial situation,must remain open so that the community has appropriate access to emergency services and acute care…” {Berger Report/ 2006}

    Is there a more recent, independent, data-driven, community needs assessment report which disputes these facts? Are we no longer a barrier island? Do we no longer depend on drawbridges to access the mainland?

    We, the community, have an opportunity to advocate for a newly managed, full service hospital to be built here in Long Beach, to bring jobs to the barrier island, to boost our local economy, and restore our quality of life.

    Please make every effort to attend the April 13th meeting, City Hall, 6th floor.

    Thank you,
    Barbara Bernardino

  6. Captain, SNCH made an opening statement that included comments and diagrams regarding their Emergency Department upgrade and a possible Medical pavilion (hospital without beds).

    I didn’t hear any comment regarding Hackensack Medical Center Mobile Acute Hospital. And, more importantly, their presentation did not include the Long Beach full-service hospital requested by the vast majority of attendees.

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