Trees. A whole lot of digging going on [YAY!]. Residents are not being given proper warning [Boo!!]

11133680_828086587271097_8342745191118552963_n(Photo Credit: City of Long Beach)

The good news: Trees are being planted around our city. Well, holes are being dug up.

The bad news: Residents, particularly those on W. Beech Street, were not given proper notice of the digging/planting. I have heard this first hand from a resident who has digging going on in front of their house as I type this. Well, eventually the planters will get their act together. Glad to see the trees coming in.

A Message From The Department of Public Works

We are pleased to announce that as part of our continued recovery from Superstorm Sandy, Long Beach has commenced its citywide tree replanting program. More than 2,700 new trees are scheduled to be planted throughout the City.

As the project gets underway, we would like to remind all residents of the importance of complying with all parking restrictions posted by the Long Beach Police Department. When instructed, cars must be moved from designated parking areas to allow the tree planting effort to move smoothly and without delay.

Once again, we are happy to be delivering this exciting news and look forward to the project’s completion.

For further details about this project, you can view the City’s Tree Replanting Master Plan and Presentation here:

4 Replies to “Trees. A whole lot of digging going on [YAY!]. Residents are not being given proper warning [Boo!!]”

  1. Happy to hear the trees are going up in the West End. I bought my house -based on two big, mature trees in front it. Literally closed on the house and that afternoon – came home to find the first of two trees GONE. The next morning – coming to the house with boxes to move in, the second — GONE. It was a sad day in Bungalow Lover’s house!

  2. Nice to see the trees being planted. Spring must finally be here 🙂 I’m wondering why its important for us (I live on W Beech) to be notified? Why use resources and man hours to knock on doors? Send a mailing? IMO, its totally not necessary. Additionally, the workers did an extraordinary job on my block. It was fast, clean and tidy!

  3. People need to be able to move their cars out of the way of the guys who are digging, breaking up the curbs and using a bulldozer to move dirt. No one needs to go door to door, simple No Parking from x to y signs posted along the street 24-48 hours prior would help the residents and the guys working.

  4. I agree with Bill. We need to not throw the baby out with the bath water and spend time/resources to simply do the work and not over discuss.

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