Playground, Skatepark & Trees! Oh, my!

A lot of beautification is happening in Long Beach. Be it in the form of new parks, rebuild playgrounds or trees. I am hearing all sorts of things, but would love some feedback from those who have first hand experience.


I am hearing reports that holes are being dug up with dirt/sand and being replaced with new dirt. White spray painted circles will indicate where your trees will be planted., most likely not where your old trees were. Expect to have less trees than before.  A reader named Larry chimed in with this good info:

“You see markings for sewer, water and gas lines to the houses on your block, the hole diggers are a couple of days behind them. Only warning we got. No signage, calls etc.”


I love this skatepark idea. I think it’s going to be a big asset for our city, residents and visitors alike. The 2nd Skate Park Public Engagement Session was conducted on March 31st. The next day the Help Long Beach get a new skatepark group asks the following:

“We are in search of any one that has connections to concrete, rebar and dirt. Donations or better costs are very much appreciated. If we can cut the costs of these things that’s more money to go into the park! Any info would help!

Shouldn’t there be leftover dirt from the tree replanting? Contact Barbota Landscaping.

Pacific Playground:

There is some controversy whether or not this park should have sand, but I must admit, I do love the natural aspect of Pacific. What’s a little sand in your shoes? That’s our way of life here in Long Beach. Did anybody attend the Pacific Playground focus group last night? I would love to hear about it.

Here is a photo of some lens flare, which has nothing to do with anything above: 2015-04-01 19.12.42

2 Replies to “Playground, Skatepark & Trees! Oh, my!”

  1. On the 400 bock of W. Beech we are slotted for 17 trees.
    Redmond leland(? not sure on spelling) and 2-3 cherry blossoms.
    Can’t wait!!!
    It seems as if hey are planting where the old trees were, or very close to the original spot.

  2. I guess they must have contracted to have the yellow markings for gas/sewer/water lines done on every block – because I see those markings everywhere, even at locations where no new trees are going to be planted.

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