Reader Question: Allegria and Taxes?

Sent in by a reader of the blog: 

allegriaDear Seabythecity: I found this site and I find it weird that [The Allegria Hotel] can get away with not paying all these taxes.  How can I get in on that deal?  I have no clue how this works but I am sure if either of us tried that the sheriff would be booting us out.

If you search for active tax warrants on the NYS site for the Allegria hotel, it returns 30 Warrants totaling $7.5 Million [LINK]. If you search for the owner “Allen Rosenberg” you see him listed at $5 million [LINK]. There might be some overlap but if it was all overlap it would still be over $7.5M.  How does that exactly work?
There was one filed in January and another in December, the January one was only $6,700.  Maybe they had a crappy holiday season so they had less taxes to pay or less to not pay?  7.5 Million is huge, the thing that strikes me most is part of that is withholding taxes, so they are taking money from people’s paychecks for income taxes but not passing it on to the state? This list does not include any federal taxes they are not submitting.

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