Point Lookout about to lose major character [Out with Ye Olde, in with crappy new]

I’m really sorry to all you folks in Point Lookout. Your quaint little seaside town is going to lose a ton of character when Ye Olde Firehouse is gone [Read: Ye Olde Firehouse to be demolished].

Couldn’t there be anything done to save it? Or is this the only thing we are good at: Destroying quaint and historic structures only to replace them with cookie-cutter, ugly, beige, fake-stucco boxes with no character that are not built to last.

In my opinion, the whole “needs to be demolished for safety reasons” is probably complete  bullshit. Especially based on wording in this Newsday article how the Point Lookout Property Owners Association were allegedly left in the dark when it came to deciding this structures fate.

I always thought how Ye Olde Firehouse would make an awesome cafe/music venue. The reality is, that building should have been giving historic status and sold off for commercial use. Well.. anyway.. out with ye olde , in with the crappy new. Point Lookout will never be the same without it. For those looking to read more about this structure, please read this article written by the Point Lookout Historical Society: Ye Olde Firehouse

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  1. I agree with Anthony 100%. This is just another way for the FD club members to get a gold plated Taj Mahal diamond encrusted “firehouse” and have the taxpayers pick up the tab. This is a very expensive way to get a place to watch porno. This was voted down by the taxpayers. Wake up PL taxpayers.

  2. I wish some historical group of Long Island would step in and stop this from happening. I seriously feel this building missing will make a huge negative aesthetic impact to Point Lookout.

  3. Both Anthony and KYo are very ignorant on the Ye Od FH issue. First point is Point Lookout is not an independent village or town. Its a neighborhood in the Town of Hempstead as is Lido Beach. This building is owned by the Lido Beach and Point Lookout Fire district. So the taxpayers in Lido Beach have just as much input into the situation.

    Second point is that the YOFH was never a fire house. It was a building mysteriously aquired by the PLL FD and was used as for a number of purposes. One purpose only benefited the residents of PL. That is a private community center. If the above authors took the time to attend the prior FD meetings and read the TOH buildings report it would be perfectly clear that the building is a complete tear down and danger to the public. Don’t expect the taxpayer to maintain a non fire building because it looks quaint. If anyone wants the building and property then make an offer to buy it and relieve the taxpayer of a problem. The taxayers want the property sold to defray the budget.

  4. “Never was a firehouse”. In the picture accompanying the article the sign on the building has the word “Firehouse” thereon. There is also a red vehicle with lights on the roof parked in the open doorway–where’s the “mystery”.?????????????????????????

  5. Again Kyo you show your ignorance. The sign was placed on the building way after the aquisition as a novelty. The adjacent structure is a garage used for storage , supplies and training equipment. The vehicle is a van used for traffic control. No fire apparatus, ie. Ladder or truck was ever able to firt inside the garage. Again anyone can put a label on something but that doesn’t mean its genuine. Also not mentioned in the article is that the FD District is holding onto a waterfront building on the Bayside worth a million dollars being used for storage of supplies. Another unnecessary waste of district money. These examples are the reasons the taxpayers voted twice against an unnecessary bond act. If only the people of the s hool district were as smart we wouldn’t have the ridiculous school bond act to pay off and the continuous property tax increases we are saddled with for one of the poorest performing school district on LI.

  6. The property on the bay was acquired gratis from the Federal Government. It was formerly the boat house for the PT Lookout US Coast Guard Station which is now the PL Community Church. If the FD got it for free, the “million dollars” should go to the Federal Government not the PLFD club.

  7. Samsung – your stating that peoples concern for the demolition of a historically significant building is “ignorant” is both unfounded and uncalled for. Based on the tone of these statements, i would venture to say that Samsung has a horse in this race and something to gain by this structure being torn down. As someone who works in the field of architecture i can tell you that i have a very hard time believing that this building is structurally so compromised that it must be torn down. i also have a hard time believing that this building could not be re-purposed rather than torn down. i do not get the sense that many options have been explored here. i do get the impression that someone is pushing for a quick tear down before the people of Point Lookout have a chance to understand and contest this. it is buildings like Ye Old Firehouse along Lido Blvd that make Point Lookout a unique town.

  8. The little building also has a sign that reads “Pt Lookout Volunteer Fire Co. Inc. No mention of Lido anything. Samsung since you’re so much smarter than Anthony and I, can you explain when the PLFD club will be returning the waterfront former USCG boat house or the money therefor to the federal treasury? What are your PLFD friends telling you about your revealing that the old boathouse is both disused and worth a million dollar? I’ll bet they are very pleased that you are so smart. HAHAHA, yeah, right.

  9. Both Charles and KYo are wrong again and again engaging in “argumentum absurdum”. First , again check out every TOH document, website , legal boundaries, historical records, etc., etc. Point Lookout and Lido Beach are in the same fire district since the early 1950’s when the district was established after Lido Beach was zoned , as a result of a court decision, for residential living. Now that is established, Mr. ARCHETECTURE, you can read the reports from the engineers and Town Buildiings department to see the building is DESTROYED! These issues have been discussed ad nauseum for 2 years at the various public Fire District meetings. You two are just waking up from your prescription pill unconsciousness.

  10. Wrong, its now owned by the taxpayers of the Point Lookout Lido FD who have been paying upkeep, and bills from the proceeds of the tax collection every year.

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