Sign/Slogan contest: My works in progress..

Long Beach is running a sign/slogan contest. Here are the rules: The City Of Long Beach Safety Slogan Contest! The three images above are my works in progress [larger images of them are below]. I might add a wave between the blues….. just not sure yet. I am open for suggestions and ideas.

The city is asking for a ‘safety slogan.’ What else can be said besides ‘Share the Road’ or ‘Drive Safely’? I’m kinda going the Brooklyn-route to inject some personality into our beach town, so I took inspiration from these:

How cool would it be if Long Beach went this route with welcome signs? I came up with three slogans that pertain to Long Beach: Surf’s Up, City by the Sea and Sand in your Shoes. What other local slogans would Long Beach signs have?

Anyway, like I said earlier, these are my works in progress, but I am completely open for suggestions. Or please steal these ideas if you think you can improve on them. Just submit them to this blog so I can share! The deadline for the contest is May 1st, so act fast!!

Surf's up Sand in your shoes City by the Sea

19 Replies to “Sign/Slogan contest: My works in progress..”

  1. Thanks! yeah I’m just trying to copy a little bit what they did in Brooklyn. I am not sure how big the signs need to be. The city never said. I’m worried the Sand one is a bit busy, but you get the idea.

  2. These signs aren’t going to help at all in my opinion. But if I had to pick one def surfs up. I love riding my bike but I don’t feel safe being on the road when they are not bike lanes. I go on the sidewalk. I know. I know that I shouldn’t but I do get back on the road when someone is walking by or I get off my bike when there are many people on the sidewalk.

    I’d rather be there than the road. The drivers who drive to fast or text when they are driving. They are not gonna care about a sign if they even see it in the first place.

    Clear cut bike lanes may get me back to riding my bike on the street. Maybe. Till then I don’t feel safe and don’t think the sign is going to do anything. But they are nice looking.

  3. I really really really dislike “Share the Road” signs. It’s easily misinterpreted, ineffective and an outdated slogan. Signs need to be straightforward, simple and unambiguous.

    I don’t want to “Share the Road” and have it misinterpreted as “Share the Lane” while someone tried passing or driving next to me in the same lane, forcing me towards the right into a car door, or making me let them pass altogether.

  4. well, I don’t think signs really do jack squat. In my perfect utopia the only signs we would see are just telling cars how fast they can go. If anything, our city suffers from sign pollution, as does the rest of NY state. But how to you like MY signs? haha I just want things to look nicer. that’s all.

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