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  1. It’s not the sign I hoped for–was hoping for a beautiful “The Laurel” sign. That’s how we all know it, but I guess visitors wouldn’t know what it is that way. I also don’t think of The Laurel as simply a diner. But that’s OK–no big deal. The food and the people inside are what’s most important and that’s what I am so eagerly anticipating!!!

  2. I saw it as they were putting it up yesterday morning and was a little disappointed myself, but for a different reason, Growing up we always called it the Laurel Luncheonette. I remember they had ice cream sodas with names like the Bayonne. A bunch of us used to go in there all the time, order a plate of french fries and cokes and then take turns going over to the racks along the Laurelton Blvd side to thumb through the comic books.

  3. Had breakfast there this morning. What an amazing job they did on the interior.. Food and service is also what the place and that has not changed.

  4. The Laurel will always be our favorite. Lively and fun or crowded and noisy, depending on how you see things — it follows through with its animated tradition with its latest million-dollar makeover.

    If you don’t want aggravation, save your visit for a time when the crowds don’t require hostess seating. As has happened too often, folks waiting for a seat are sometimes seated after newcomers who push their way through the crowd. Typical Long Beach “me first” dogma, but the owners should have a better handle on this. It’s the number one piss-em-off complaint here.

    With the ambiance of the old Times Square Automat, the Laurel adds to the audio din with big-screen TV’s and now increased seating. The visual Calliope has ever color of the palette. But it’s all part of the flavor and the fun. Just don’t go there with a headache. Thank goodness Long Beach can still support a place like this and thank goodness the owners devote their lives to running a clean, efficient and wholesome family emporium.

    Support it and enjoy. This was a longer, colder winter with the Laurel closed for renovation.

    Welcome back. We missed you.

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