booths have been painted a really ugly and boring beige.

I really want this city to shine. It’s unfortunate that beige is constantly being used. How can It stop??? I thought we put a stop to beige a few years ago when I painted one of the old booths white and blue with the help of a few residents. Well I’m typing this from my phone, so I’m keeping it short for now, but below is an image from Project 11561 of the booth we painted, a type of booth we’d like to see and our ugly-boring-freshly painted beige booth.

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  1. You are so right! Color, white trim, shutters and flowers are welcoming; the white with blue trim is classic; and the beige booth is brutal.

  2. I like the two other samples you have there, but the blue ones they just had were ehh.. I think they just wanted the booths to blend in and beige certainly does that.

  3. Anthony, Carly and Frank….how right you are! We should jump on every opportunity to improve the beauty of our wonderful city.

    The ticket booths are seen by thousands each summer day, and they should convey something special about LB. The beige color is better than the old blue, but not as good as the top-right booth pictured above.

    And, the signage needs to be replaced. All you see is NO as you approach. The safety messages can be conveyed in better ways.

    The City is considering a Beautification committee that would include neighborhood and business representatives. If that committee is formed, a newly painted ticket booth would be a welcomed consideration. And I think we’d get volunteers to do the painting and maybe even contribute the paint.

  4. Typical mismanagement by these guys And gals. For $44mm the booths should have been installed as part of the boardwalk but why would our cracker jack head of DPW think about that.

  5. I agree with the blue/white color choice which is appropriate for “A City By The Sea’. Not to worry about that disgusting beige color…In a short time the added grafitti will be an improvement.

  6. Hello Just-the-truth. So, are you suggesting that no one should attempt to improve this City, our City, until you think it’s appropriate?

    Many of us try to make a positive impact every day. Every small act of improvement should be welcomed. Your comment, and that of others who say “don’t”, diminish what we can be.

    Which is better for the City: you speaking of imminent default (without factual support) or, those of us trying/succeeding to make small (and large) changes?

  7. Answer: many of your neighbors give a…damn. Many people want to improve the City in big and small ways. Sorry you don’t think these improvements are important. Many do!

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