9 Replies to “Long Beach Republican 2015 Survey”

  1. The LB Repubs would like to thank everyone for their input on this most important survey, based on your responses they are glad to announce they have developed a platform for this years election.

    Long Beach is not headed in the right direction and we will concentrate on these 5 items:[Fill list in from survey] In addition we will do away with the cutesy videos the city is producing and allow the Chamber to handle stuff like that if it helps or not, in addition we will be open and transparent (we are working on what that actually means and how that will fix the streets and reduce your taxes). The city is running too many events and should be concentrating on potholes OR The city needs to hold more events for the residents. The salaries for city employees (in particular the police commisioner) are much to high, and please disregard the fact the prior to this commissioner we had an acting commisioner who was one of our friends and family so lets not bring that up. Also we will concentrate on the residents and to hell with the local businesses (or something along that line, once we figure out how to say it better). And who really cares what actually happens in the city as long as a few people on the internet can spread gossip and disinformation that helps us. We are clueless and think we actually have a shot at this, and one of our leaders is going to launch a “blog” shortly so please stay tuned for even more disinformation and innuendo. So please stay tuned as we will soon be announcing this years crop of “independent” republicans for election.

  2. Mary, I have not made a decision on whom I will cast my vote for this November. Perhaps the cattle call that was held earlier this year will produce some viable candidates to run against the current administration, but given the fact that the election is just a short six months away and they are gathering information via this dubious survey my hope for viable candidates is not too great. The one bright spot that both parties seem to realize and hope to manipulate is the fact that most people in Long Beach are low-information voters and that alone speaks volume.

  3. hdp, I believe your attempt at the use of the touché was misdirected, I think you should have typed your first sentence and then allowed me to come back with that retort, but lets leave your improper use of the language for another time and perhaps can you tell me what gossip and misinformation I have spread? Is not my description of the upcoming republican campaign accurate or do you have some additional inside information you would like to share?

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