67 Replies to “A letter from our City to LBPFA Regarding a 4/20 Media Event that our city is calling “Misleading””

  1. While the City releases misinforming internal correspondence to the public, it ignores and hides what every resident should know.

    A second shooting this week on Long Beach Road at Chester has brought this year’s Long Beach shootings in line with Hempstead’s.

    That’s Number six for 2015 and every assailant who was caught was a new Black Section 8 resident and each one was released on bail.

    Way to go, Long Beach!

  2. Kemins as the head of the building department allows dangerous overbuilding that is a fire hazard in the aftermath of Sandy and puts his name on this document – wow.

  3. To depend on volunteer chiefs to show up for a possible rescue is insane. 1) just like during the night of Sandy there is no guarantee that they will even show up. 20 They never gear up for fires, so they are never prepared to rescue anyone 3) They are most likely not trained enough or are medically or physically un fit to preform such a rescue if needed. Example Chief Corbett only 4 years ago failed the physical to become a professional firefighter. So now the firefighters that did pass have to depend on volunteers that didn’t when there life is on the line???? What????

  4. why only Schnirman’s signature on this document and not the members of city council that authorize this document being issued? have a hard time believing Kemins can function with any authority after attaching his name to this.

  5. Typical. Union gets 4/5 man engine and still wants more. You guys are really ridiculous. You have a good thing going and continue to screw it up.

  6. Superman Sam pinto on Facebook says 4 is not good enough cause they have five crew now. Wrong. Two are on balance and always out of town – leaving three. And don’t let them bs you saying they can’t enter with 2. They just did at the fire near the hospital cause the ambulance was out of town. There are no layoffs. Keeping all just to fight fires. 19 guys. 4/5 on engine. The real issue is 11 plus are lieutenants. Fix that too. Jeez these guys just never seem to be happy.

  7. And you, Miss Allison Box are a racist. And if not for the privileged, like me, who work, who would pay for your bastard kid, your Section 8 and your welfare?

    You can be privileged too, but that would require you to give up begging and blaming — something beggers aren’t likely to do.

  8. The real issue is these guys are only out for themselves not for the public… They only want more and more… These guys are making well over 100k a year and want raises? Prime example is billy piazza forgoing union contract negotiations in favor of his under the table payout of thousands of dollars… All of this could have been avoided years ago but billy like everyone else up there only have their own interests in mind… This helped lead to the 11 lieutenants. How bout these guys also start training instead of sitting on their asses up there – and no training isn’t constituted of strolling on the boardwalk… They should really get their priorities straight maybe they wouldn’t have had any layoffs to begin and some of those guys would still have a job shame on union billy!!

  9. There were never any layoffs. The guys who left for other departments was there choice – and the other guys were part of a grant that ended. Which they all knew. Tired of there crap – move on. More ambulances and plenty of firemen – say thanks for your high pay vs 8 fires a year and shut up already.

  10. Well. You’re not. So keep spewing your crap and screw up the fire side now for the guys who are actually on duty – not you macnamara – put down your laptop and climb out of you’re basement and move on already. It’s over. Bye bye.

  11. Example – you’re a fired disgraced fireman who hates everyone and does not even belong in the same category as chief Corbett and the service he provided/provides to long beach.

  12. The issue is clear here. Firefighters should b fighting fires and EMT’s should be doing ambulance work. Shame on those who obfuscate the issue in order to get a better union negotiating angle.

  13. If potential buyers of homes in Long Beach were directed to Sea By The City, and read this letter and the comments, who would blame them for looking elsewhere?

  14. City council and Jack are NOT concerned with the safety of residents. Do you really think they will have a change of heart about a few firemen? Case in point – “The City has entered into a partnership with South Nassau…” for a “second due ambulance”. I call Bulls#$%!. They are deathly afraid of Former Senator Alfonse D’Amato and his Park Strategies lobby firm. Over the past several years, South Nassau Hospital has paid D’Amato close to 1 million in Lobbying fees. It’s public record. Alfonse D’Amato’s Vice President of Park Strategies is Anthony Cancellieri, who was installed on the South Nassau Board of Directors about the same time they felt the need to pay for lobbyists. Also on the Board at SNCH is John Vitale of Island Park’s King (Kullen, Paddy’s, Coyote, etc) who is a life-long friend of D’Amato’s and is going to build a “Gated Hamlet” in IP on the property DIRECTLY across from the LBMC. Cancellieri is an RVC guy who is tight with fellow RVC guy Senator Dean Skelos, who is currently under Federal investigation. Cancellieri, worked side-by-side, in the Suozzi administration, with Patricia Bourne, who mysteriously became the Long Beach Economic Development Director. D’Amato, Cancellieri, Vitale, and perhaps Bourne and Skelos and a host of other colluders have a vested interest in siphoning off the over 150 million dollars in FEMA funds. They don’t care about keeping the money in Long Beach and restoring a Hospital, they don’t care about the over 1,000 immediate jobs lost, they don’t care about the 250 million out of the surrounding local economy. THEY DON’T CARE about our safety. This is Al D’Amato telling SNCH to “partner” with LB and make it look like people are safe without a Hospital and safe if firemen are off the island for extended periods having to bring injured residents to Oceanside and Nassau University Medical in East Meadow. THIS IS PART OF THE MASTER PLAN. Weaken the FD and make us more reliant on SNCH. THEY KNOW IT’S DANGEROUS to have our firemen gone off the island for so long. Hire more for less and it won’t appear so bad. Partner with a “second due” ambulance and maybe no one will notice. UNTIL A HOUSE BURNS DOWN. D’Amato is doing everything he can to get the FEMA money diverted to Oceanside and let his buddy develop that property and throw us a few million dollar doc-in-a-box. Losing firemen and losing a hospital, how much more unsafe do they want us? Richard, prospective buyers don’t need to read this blog to run away, the news of the hospital and firemen is out there already. Thanks, puppeteer Alfonse and his puppets the City Council.

  15. Why create a ridiculous “theory” about who signed the letter. City manager and fire commissioner signed it, sent it. Period. I have a hard time believing people just have to create nonsense for no reason.

  16. Maybe a referendum is needed in Long Beach to decide if the taxpayers want a volunteer fire department or a paid fire department. Make a decision. Let us not confuse ambulance work with fire fighting. In recent years there has been a reduction in fires so alot of fire departments bave expanded into ambulance work in order to justify their bloated bureacracies.

  17. Ok jay. You’re big on facts and figures. Always asking for science etc. You’re 80% crazy; 10% unstable and 10% bad comedian. Enjoy your big event tomorrow with the usual suspects. Btw-great decision to hold it on Monday work afternoon – sharp leadership.

  18. You guys have entered fire building with three man engine. The fire on Lincoln few weeks back. Ambulance was out of town – as usual – and two guys went in and put it out. Stop your lying about not being able to enter. Now you have four. Plenty. My lord you guys are greedy. All about you.

  19. Always another answer when the facts don’t suit you. How about you accept – maybe not you but active members – the high salary for a great job here in LB, not to mention there were no layoffs.

  20. Can we get a similarly spirited debate going for the LBPD, complete with personal attacks and bickering, poor grammar, and lots of conspiracy theories? Perhaps after the smoke clears on this one? That would be perfect.

  21. I don’t know know sh”t from Shinola but I would want a fully staffed FD responding to my house in a timely matter who do interior searches

  22. The crap you posted on your stopthelayoffs page mr Brian macnamara about Lawrence fire truly makes you the lowest piece of scum on earth. Absolute piece of dung that slams volunteers and continues to distroy any shot at mending the rif and makes your Union side bigger aholes for allowing your garbage bashing. Truly disgusting individual.

  23. State law allows people to respond from work. You are just a piece of crap and this approach is disgusting. You represent the union well – awful.

  24. not representing the union. just because it is law, or whatever does it mean that the tax payers of the city have to enjoy for paying guys to leave town on a firetruck while they are working? Isn’t there some purpose to their job? Are those jobs needed if they can be abandoned so easily?

  25. You’re just a tool. This whole thing is about ems. I’m all for paid engine. All for 5 guys. For some reason you attack volunteers like it’s their fault as if they are doing this to you. You represent the union cause those guys allow you to say this crap and perception is everything. Keep doing your approach It’s hurting your cause as well. So good luck pal. You’re still a low life.

  26. It seems like this is an ongoing pissing match between two members of the professional department and several on the volly side. The hatred is obvious. However, the two men constantly getting attacked respond using their own names. Not some clever nickname.
    As a taxpayer, I want a professional response.
    We are already paying for it.
    It works.
    What seems to be lost in all of this is the lives that it is effecting. I am sure that the men that were let go had families. The firemen who are still employed do too and must be in constant fear of losing their jobs.
    Politicians Lie!
    The driving factor behind all of this is the hospital and the millions of dollars in real estate deal still to come. In no time, South Nassau will take over the entire ambulance corps.
    You will see.
    This is ALL about $$$$$$$
    Look behind the scenes. The puppet master is at work.

  27. Two way street jay. You have insulted me – I speak for me – as a volley with more evil comments that coming back from that would be hard. Maybe if you manned up as well to apologize you might get more support. Same goes for mcnamara – but he’s on a completely different planet. At least you speak facts and by name. But when you go off the rails to insult me/us – you lost my support. I put the work in and will continue to do what I signed up for. Slamming me to get what you want out of city is low – you’re on your own and good luck.

  28. 1) 1 minute? Sometimes. Sometimes not. Sometimes we are first due an rare occasions to. The majority, no we are not.

    2) We are permitted to roll with just two FF – and I look at it as arriving to assist the paid guys. We always wait for full crew but sometimes it doesn’t occur. It a true fire, the response is much greater – that bothers me but its fact

    3) every resident deserves fastest response possible. That’s why I support a paid engine. We will be there right behind them as fast as possible.

    4) what I am for is better EMS. Pulling two paid away all the time leaving you with three on engine all the time is not efficient or safe. Please don’t spew the cross trained crap – Put 4/5 guys on the engine, to handle fire calls and let paramedics deal with Ems. Much better for residents – not you guys, but welcome to 2015.

    5) saying we eat bagels and drink beer at drills insults me. And the fact you can’t even extend the slightest olive branch tells me it will never change – so good luck with the fight and your indictment and law suits. I’m still going to respond and do the job.

  29. A few questions for you and be honest:

    1) out of the 19 paid, do you really need 11 or so LT’s?

    2) do you really need the XO on top of that riding around town doing what the engine or 2319 does already? Either stay in the office, since it’s an admin spot, or get on a rig. No?

    3) 2319 is out of town all the time…right? So why do you keep saying its a 5 man crew now? Please be honest and agree it’s a three man engine majority of the time. It’s not a 5 man crew – it’s 3 and 2. If you’re lucky both go to fire. But odds are they won’t and don’t. Agree?

    4) and why are you and macnamara so emotionally evolved. Don’t tell me it’s the safety of residents issue – it’s not. You’re not active anymore and macnamara was fired and has chip on his shoulder. Are you fighting for bigger pension? Bigger medical pay .. 3/4 perhaps? Be honest.

  30. At 6:01 am, Brian Macnamara woke up in his basement, fired up his computer and reported on a general alarm on his stopthelayoffs page – which 2343 and 2319 responded to. He also reported that if it was a 4 man engine they would not be allowed to enter because no one else showed up. 1) thank god 2319 was not on an ems run and was able to respond – which is why we need paramedics to handle ems and engine handle fire calls. 2) he says they can’t go in but they do all the time when the ambulance is not around – so don’t buy into his radical lies. 3) the paid guys along with fired macnamara constantly pat themselves on the back for every run they go on – I say thanks – but it’s also your job which you get paid well for – stop high fiving yourself every 2 seconds and shut up. You might just gain more support.

  31. Mark, how do you ignore that what he posted may actually be true. Trying to deflect about who he is, compared to actually seeing the problem that no one else responded is just lame.

  32. Can’t give you percentages – above my pay grade. Buts it’s low I’m sure. Just saying it does happen. Don’t know about 2342 “situation” but center of down engine always has full crew! Good luck man. I’m just doing my best.

  33. 11 Lt’s is not the Union’s doing. It is Dem club house mis managment! According to the union contract the XO should be working on tours with all the other members. The fact that he is not is a product of the same contract breaking mis management that Rob Agostisi gets promoted for. If you have a problem with too many Lt’s and the XO position please call Jack Schnirman

  34. later responding units was not the point of the post. The city is not changing anything about later responding units. Just because you want me to mention them it does not mean is makes any sense to. 2362 4 minutes later? Why are you bashing the volunteers like that?

  35. Hey Brian “aka stopthelayoffs” – nice exchange on the paid ufa Facebook page yesterday. Your own boys have had it with you! You’re a man … I mean boy … Without a team!! Now what? Perhaps gear up to fight the nursing Union should you get that far.

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