31 Replies to “An Open letter from the LBPFA to LB City Council Regarding the 4/20 MEDIA EVENT [A response to the letter that was published here the other day]”

  1. Apparently the city manager and fire fighters can’t talk to each other and use Sea by the City to communicate. Anthony you should be paid as the negotiator/middle man.

  2. It looks like they want what is safe from what I have read.
    The truth will come out in the end.
    Lots of shady stuff happening in this town…

  3. I didn’t get it. Those FF’s took jobs with specific end dates. What’s the big shock that the date came and the job ended?? Don’t take short term work if you want long term employment….

  4. no you don’t get it. 1. There was never a specific end date. 2. The budget was balanced with no layoffs in sight. 3. When firefighters emailed about this issue just before the budgets passing, they were told that the layoffs were not happening. 4. In the course of all this they have recently promoted a firefighter to LT. that move served to show that money wast not an issue at the time. 5. The recently laid off firefighters are not the same firefighters that were any part of that grant. The dem clubhouse likes to muddy the waters on this issue. They are not about the truth.

  5. I’m confused. Senator Schmuck Shumer secured a grant of $910,530 to keep these guys on for two years but they weren’t actually needed? So City council said, what the hey, let’s piss away a million dollars? What was the purpose, looking good for 24 months before looking really bad? People see this as free money. This is tax dollars. I’m thinking Long Beach owes an apology to all New Yorkers. The $44 million dollar boardwalk is really our version of the Ketchican, Alaska “Bridge to Nowhere”. $8 million dollar toilets on the boardwalk. $25 million dollar bulkheads that don’t even help canal residents. $1 million dollars for a few months of firemen. It’s endless. If people from outside the area knew just how corrupt, short-sighted, and inbred this place was, they would let this sand dune wash back into the ocean.

  6. I don’t know know sh”t from Shinola but I would want a fully staffed FD responding to my house in a timely matter who do interior searches

  7. I heard the City will be issuing a press release to announce that they are proposing that the LBFD use flamethrowers instead of firehoses, all in an effort to conserve water

  8. What this ha exposed is thzt firefighters were ginning the system by working out of title-as ambulance emts-in order to make more mo ey and make it appear there were more fires than actually were.We have volunteers who are more than willing to do the job for free, so why obfuscate the issues.

  9. Operating out of title? Have you actually been following any of this? Their contract labels them as primary ems in Long Beach. Do your homework before making such statements.

  10. The LBFD was requested to Lawrence for a confirmed fire. After 9 minutes of being alerted, only 4 members (including city employees who left their jobs) were available with only 2 trucks out of entire department responding to the radio. After 12 minutes the chiefs decided to combine all members so that 1 truck could respond. So all available responders (6 total) took that truck out of town. This is a realistic truth of what goes on. This just happened a few hours ago.

  11. Jay,

    Speaking of judges….. When is the next court date for your indicment?

    When you are found guilty of the felonies will you keep representing the fire Union and post on this website from jail?

  12. City: Hey guys, you have a job that will last two years.

    Four ff: Great thanks.

    (Fast forward two years)

    City: Thanks for your service, the two years are up. We know there are no paid fire departments on Long Island so you might want to do another job or become paramedics or something

    Four ff: F@CK YOU!!! I went to long beach high school. You owe me. Give me more money. Give me overtime. Give me raises. If you don’t, I will threaten the entire community and tell them that they will all die In a fire if we aren’t rehired.

    City: goodbye

    Four ff get jobs a couple hours away at the nearest paid fire department….. Even the shoplifting drug addict guy

  13. How this continues is just mind boggling. The “Volunteers” are an interesting bunch. While I always admire people who volunteer their time and duty to community, I can’t get past the abject waste that this group saddles the City with. All the gear that goes out to the “Vollys” that never show up except to party or hang out at the overbudget firehouse. the expensive, country club “Induction Ceremony” that gets paid by the City along with buses to and from each year. The endless stream of Chevy Tahoes that these “Chiefs” drive around in and gas up for personal use, all on our dime. And they are in charge of the professionally trained guys??? So let me understand this, that thinking means that in order to save $$$$ we should hand over the LB Police to our Auxiliary PD. The savings would be enormous. We could save $300K on the Commissioner alone!! Does the time come when all of us wake up and realize that it’s time to end the comedy show that our City has become? The nasty VOLLY brigade can throw as much abuse as they like, but that should be expected when all of the bogus perks that they enjoy become endangered.
    And “Volly Strong” since the “vollys” are so innocent, why is a wifebeater the Chief? Is he still coming to fires with loaded guns? Make sure your house is perfect before you start being the drum beater.
    Please, please, please LB residents. Please wake up

  14. I think you are all jerkoffs. Just making an outside observation. Enjoy your yellow bellied tough guy comments. I hope that they satisfy your worthless existence. Peace!

  15. What everyone should be fed up with is this administration. The city has created this mess. They want a divide between the career and volunteer force. It distracts the public from their greater plan, lining their pockets with South Nassau $$$$$$.

  16. What remains to be scene is if you get recycled into jail – mr scammer of the people. “Protecting” the citizens by blog at night – scamming them by day!

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