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  1. There’s nothing to spin. I wouldn’t be surprised if the percentage was lower than previous administrations..

    A short term fix would be to place mobile speed cameras, at various locations in Long Beach, with the revenue dedicated to repairing our roads and sewers. The bonus is the safety factor.

    Long term…Encouraging responsible developers to build tax paying multi family residential buildings like the ones under construction in Mineola, close to the LIRR. Our local businesses could use a few more customers too..

  2. @richard – I’m pretty sure speed cameras would do nothing to help LB financially. Moving violations go to the state. I think solving the increase in shootings could help though.

  3. I met a trustee of a small village
    on the north shore a few years ago with it’s own police and court.
    He told me that they weren’t active in enforcing traffic violations because the money went to the the State and enforcement was a drain on the police and the court.
    Same thing here in LB?

  4. Richard, what do suppose it would cost to rip up, re-pipe and then re-pave what is needed in Long Beach? 200 million? 300 million? A wooden boardwalk was $44 million. The bathrooms are $8 million. So at a $100 bucks a speed camera ticket we would need to catch to catch anywhere from 2 to 3 million speeders. Otherwise you think we should “responsibly” pack in several thousand more residences. Are you working near an open glue container?

  5. I wonder how this information and the SNCH info evaded the author of the NYT “LB IS BACK!” Piece. Anthony should write for the Times.

  6. WET and Beachguy, yes incentivizing enforcement would require legislation enabling local munis to get some of the revenues, thus my suggestion that an Assemblyman support a concept (that Anthony allowed me to throw into the mix) called Safety NETZ. Beachguy, you opined on that thread.

  7. We need to start somewhere. Of course speed cameras would generate limited revenue. But collecting fines from those who disrespect public safety while improving our quality of life makes sense to me TTMS.

  8. @TTMS…I remember a cop telling us in drivers Ed (circa 15 years ago) that you should always challenge speeding tickets. The $ goes to the state so the municipalities knock it down to a non moving violation so they get to keep the revenue.

    Take a look at Mineola. There’s an example of responsible development for the good of the community, centered near their transit hub, meeting real demand. That’s a win – win, for the community and the developer.

  10. Go ahead keep bonding! You all were warned last election cycle that giving these guys the ability to bond without checks and balances would bite us in the ass and it’s only getting worse. Wake up LB we need balance on the city council just like we need it at all levels of government. Super majoritys eliminate the need for compromise. And these guys and gals have provend they cannot be trusted with power.

  11. “we need balance on the city council just like we need it at all levels of government. Super majoritys eliminate the need for compromise”.
    Agreed, a candidate with accounting / legal credentials that support analytical commentary that is not overridden by their ideological bias.

  12. Speed cameras are a safety issue and should ONLY be discussed as a safety issue. When you try to create revenue streams by punishing your locals it simply hurts the local economy and chases away prospective visitors. This administration has had a free pass because a storm happened, Newsday writers were personally involved with members of this administration and the majority of residents were too busy trying to get their homes livable to pay attention. Throw in the fact that the administration did zero to help the locals navigate the bureaucratic nightmare, and you get a group of teenagers running the City into bankruptcy, while the Democratic leader gets rich. What is surprising is that the State Comptroller actually got off his well worn ass and decided to do something. Brace yourselves for some eye popping tax increases. Maybe now it will be time to look at the $300K PD Commissioner and the loads of political cronies that were brought in and vastly overpaid. I’d like to see the City Mgr and his slide show for this whopper. My question is this, will Torres and Adeldumb and Womandel abd Bloggin still be around when the City finally collapses from the weight of their stupidity?

  13. I like your ideas Mr. Boodman but there is a terrible flaw there. Responsible developers will never go anywhere near Long Beach simply because of these reports. Any intelligent investor looks closely at the people who are steering the municipality that they would invest in. The smart money goes where the smart and HONEST municipal leaders are. What Long Beach has displayed since Superstorm Sandy, is an incredible ability to drive enormous debt, misrepresent federally reimbursable projects, and to squander huge amounts of money on questionable projects and studies. The great thing for this administration and it’s political cronies is that when the house begins to implode, they will be long gone and laughing all the way to the bank. Can you say PILOT PROGRAM???

  14. West End Tom, I hesitate to say this with confidence because I’m not an expert on the NYS Financial Stress report, but a little extra research leads to a conclusion that Long Beach is doing better than in the recent past.

    Rather than asking for 2014 results, do a search for 2013 data, then ask for LB results. The resulting list has a link to an Excel spreadsheet. Open it up and you find that LB has a very bad score (the higher the # the more stress) in 2012 (95), a better score in 2013 (80), a better score in 2014 (57.5) and the State predicts a score of 40 in 2015.

    If this interpretation of that data is correct, fiscal stress is reducing each year, and we’re projected to be in the less stressed category in the next report.

  15. @ed glitter – thanks! I was going to take a look at that spreadsheet – because I noticed it compared previous years just as I went to close it.

  16. Whoops – glister not glitter. Damn autocorrect…

    Let me just add I think there are some indicators that lb is headed in the right direction, also.

  17. Long Beach isn’t “stressed” so long as its demographically capable of electing the same political party over and over again, who will simply continue to raise taxes to pay the bonds. I mean, just look at this thread, pay off the financial excess with mobile speed cameras – it never ends.

  18. It’s funny how those the buildings going up in Mineola are “shocking” some people, but they are going to be extremely successful. Wait an see how that little downtown sparkles once those apartments fill up and Mineola isn’t even near the beach!

  19. I am glad you brought this s into the conversation- any form of traffic camera should only be implemented for safety and not as a revenue generator. This was Manganos biggest fuckup. Having camera revenue directed only to a safety or transportation funds is more digestible for drivers to accept then into a general fund.

  20. Agreed. I proposed the concept of NETZ with public safety and equal opportunity to utilize our streets for all in mind. It is important to incentivize enforcement if we can have consensus on the simple notion that safety is paramount in the neighborhoods where we live our lives ( walk dogs, ride bikes, back out of driveways…). There was no consensus on the arbitrary placement of NC cameras ( in school zones with kids IN school) that often required sudden slow downs on main roads ( Lido Blvd.). Cameras are effective technology that free PD resources and are not controversial in NYC’s speed zones. I have seen them deployed sensibly in Maryland and Arizona recently .That they derive revenue from those who disrespect neighborhood safety is nothing to sneeze at. That those revenues (with legislative action that allows local munis to keep enhanced fines and share speed camera monies )could incentivize local enforcement is a positive: the data is clear, higher speeds causes more death and injury, we should be proactive for prevention. Also that local muni courts continue to plea bargain down moving violations to keep the fine $ sends the wrong message about responsible driving while invalidating data collection on motor vehicle compliance.

  21. @anthony why do you think it is that that building in minneola wasn’t met with the same backlash from residents?

    I don’t believe anyone suspects it will turn into section 8.

    And not for nothing, that area is a real “nightmare” for daytime and rush hour traffic.

  22. Most voters think bonds are “free money”. If you opposing bonding politically, you are deemed to be an economic illiterate. That’s why anyone expecting any kind of change coming to LB politically, can forget it, vote with your feet as many long term residents are doing.

  23. I can appreciate your optimism Ed, but you are not comparing apples to apples. First, you had a destructive event which was Supe Sandy. That put our situation into the extenuating circumstances category. In addition, while the City had significant revenues flowing in during 2013 and 2014, those were one time revenue shots that came from state and federal grants. Those revenue streams are gone. The payroll has increased significantly along with benefits. Add in the incredible amount of borrowing which adds enormous amounts of interest to our bottom line and it is blatantly obvious that the City is NOT going in the right direction. It is why the State is so concerned and ranks us as one of the most troubled municipalities in the State. Sometimes wishful thinking and cheerleading are not enough to correct incompetence in City management. Never applaud ANY administration that adds debt to a budget that does not have increasing revenues. This administration might try to sell to the residents that the debt has decreased in the last two years. That is a CROCK. If the number is above $47 million (the amount of debt when they were brought to power), then they are killing a great city slowly. BEWARE!!

  24. So we are not as broke as we used to be but our school board will see to it that as residents we will not be getting any richer

    it never ends, someones hands in my pockets

  25. How about simply utilizing your Aux Police as Traffic Agenst during school hours. Place them in the school traffic areas and have them slow traffic down. The costs are minimal and you won’t have drivers slamming on their brakes to drop their speeds. This in itself is crazy dangerous. So instead of grabbing the residents cash and scaring off the visitors, we look like we actually manage our City?? All at little cost to taxpayer and giving the residents a well managed break.

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