Here is the temporary SNCH Urgent Care Trailer

unnamedA reader sent in the above image with the following caption:

“That mobile trailer is over there now.  That is the Hackensack Medical Center mobile trailer that SNCH rented for use while they build out for the July 1 emergency room.  The urgent care trailers are closed for renovations and if you come you go into this new mobile trailer, they are basically 18 wheelers with a hospital inside.   They had this one set up at the super bowl as the hospital at giants stadium (there ar even logos on the trailer)

‘Hackensack’ is hidden under the tarps:mobile-er

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  1. Would you be able to find out why the hospital was repaired and now it is abandon. I heard there are new machines in there and not being used. For example, a C-scan is sitting doing nothing but someone has to come in every so often to start it up.

  2. So…Is this what the residents of Long Beach get for 153 million dollars? Shame on SN..a “used Hackensack/Super Bowl”..first aid trailer.I guess a picture truly is worth a thousand words.My message to those at the helm..charged with overseeing the safety and health of those of us who call Long Beach “our” home is this: I do not feel safe here anymore.Our hospital could have been repaired by now.We were told that the ER was to open in June?July 2013.Instead this is what we have. Where were our City leaders…busy with the Boardwalk…which is beautiful, but should have not been triaged as #1…50 million dollars that should have immediately been utilized on LBMC.The boardwalk could have waited…if those in charge considered the residents…instead of the “Day Trippers”.. who visit us and bring in drugs,garbage,fight in the streets, and urinate on public and private property,
    Today, I noticed an ad on the rear of a LB bus heralding what a fine job SNCH had done for 8000 LB residents.Did the City of LB receive payment for these ads?If is the key to the reason why …after almost 3 yrs. we have nothing to show for our hospital money.Truly this is a disgrace.ALL of the 153 million dollars..belongs being spent right here in the form of an upgraded, state of the art, Model of Excellence,we can be proud of, appropriately named..Long Beach Medical Center…Downgrades in any form are a disgrace and an insult to the intelligence of the residents.What has been allowed to occur is dishonest and immoral.Yes, all of this as the ambulances transporting Long beach patients to SNCH…are turned away from them and directed to Nassau University Medical Center in East Meadow.To bad if your having a MI, CVA ,Exsanguinating,Acute AP…Our lives appear to be worth nothing…and the reason why in nothing less than immoral.

  3. South Nassau took the money and ran. They got the federal money and now can sell waterfront land. It’s a business decision that had nothing to do with our health, safety or interests.

  4. Last week a thousand people came to a public forum to express their thoughts regarding the need for a full-service Hospital in Long Beach. Representatives from civic organizations firmly stated their belief that a Hospital was needed. Drs, Nurses, Educators, Emergency workers, the Clergy, the Chamber of Commerce and other neighbors voiced their support for a LB hospital, citing health data, economic data, and personal experiences.

    South Nassau is taking actions to respond to emergency response, but has developed amnesia regarding our total health needs. The Beach-to-Bay organization is working with politicians and other like-minded neighbors to demand that the $150+ million of FEMA funds are invested in Long Beach. We should all support that goal, since it’s a life and death issue.

  5. Thank you to all the members of Beach to Bay and their partners for a great showing at the Public Forum. Send your
    e-mail address to Beach to Bay Central Council and we will keep you informed.
    Health care delayed is Health care denied.

  6. The person calling the shots on the FEMA millions is former Senator Alfonse D’Amato and his Park Strategies lobby firm. Over the past several years, South Nassau Hospital has paid D’Amato close to 1 million in Lobbying fees. It’s public record. See it on Alfonse D’Amato’s Vice President of Park Strategies is Anthony Cancellieri, who was installed on the South Nassau Board of Directors about the same time they felt the need to pay for lobbyists. Also on the Board at SNCH is John Vitale of Island Park’s King (Kullen, Paddy’s, Coyote, etc) who is a life-long friend of D’Amato’s and is going to build a “Gated Hamlet” in IP on the property DIRECTLY across from the LBMC. Cancellieri is a RVC guy who is tight with fellow RVC guy Senator Dean Skelos, who is currently under Federal investigation. Cancellieri, worked side-by-side, in the Suozzi administration, with Patricia Bourne, who mysteriously became the Long Beach Economic Development Director. D’Amato, Cancellieri, Vitale, and perhaps Bourne and Skelos and a host of other colluders have a vested interest in siphoning off the over 150 million dollars in FEMA funds. They don’t care about keeping the money in Long Beach and restoring a Hospital, they don’t care about the over 1,000 immediate jobs lost, they don’t care about the 250 million out of the surrounding local economy. D’Amato is doing everything he can to get the FEMA money diverted to Oceanside and let his buddies develop that property and throw us a few million dollar doc-in-a-box. Our Long Beach City Council is weak-kneed when it comes to D’Amato. Conservative writer George Marlin said it best “Like Cuomo, D’Amato has no core principles and no interest in promoting the common good. He only promotes what’s best for him”.

  7. My comment is simply, our City Council and City Manager thinks of the DAY TRIPPERS and VISITORS ALWAYS, more than the residents. Hence, BOARDWALK first. We the residents of LB year round, count far less than you can even imagine. We fight for bike lanes and bike rentals from our OWN businesses and they shoot us down and bring a company here from FLORIDA to rent bikes. We ask for a hospital and get a trailor and the 154 million dollars stays in OCEANSIDE. The DOH has a hand in this decision and has NOT been fair to LB residents either. WHAT A DAMN SHAME.

  8. Some of these comments are idiotic and show that there is alot of low information residents aka Long Island type W.T. The amount of people living and visitinv the island from inlet to inlet is not enough to support a viable hospital. The previous LB medical center was fiscally dying. Cardiac cases and other serious trauma were transported away from LB medical center. The hospital was originally built as a maternity hospital when normal families lived here. A full fledged hlspital is never being built here again. Clearly understand that and move on.

  9. @Samsung. Can you elaborate for SBTC readers some your findings. How do you define a “viable” hospital? Are you basing viable on the number of beds? the treatable conditions?. You say it with such conviction. Are you a hospital CFO, or perhaps play one on TV? True, the hospital was financially mismanaged. It was losing 2% (about 2 million) of it’s operating budget annually for several years. That’s an easy turn around once you remove the old administration and don’t allow it to be the patronage mill that it was. Did you even take a look at the bankruptcy court dockets? Our old LB Commerce Committee Chair was paid some $350,000 for “fire related services” in the year it was closed after Sandy, and was even named as a creditor for some $120,000 more. Hell, the CEO has been paid his half million all along. I even saw in the court dockets that his free car lease expired but was re-upped. If memory serves, it was a Q45 SUV at $900 a month. The place was rife with graft I’m sure. All told, there’s close to 200 million dollars of FEMA money. Without a fight it’s going to Alfonse D’Amato’s buddies at SNCH in Oceanside. For that kind of money why couldn’t we build a center of excellence? Maybe a teaching hospital tied to the new med school at Hofstra, or the nursing school at NCC. I wouldn’t care if we had a celebrity re-hab show produced there. The damage happened in Long Beach to Long Beach Medical Center. Would you have anything to say if they built a $43 million dollar boardwalk in Island Park and simply made a $1 million dollar repair to the LB Boardwalk? Come on, a boardwalk in Island Park could still services Long Beach residents, no? The point still remains that former Senator Alfonse D’Amato’s Vice President at his lobbying firm, Park Strategies, was installed on the Board of South Nassau, and they paid themselves to lobby for the FEMA funds for the LBMC in an effort to divert it to South Nassau. Our City Council knows this and is doing nothing about it. City Officials were even spotted showing D’Amato’s boys other possible pieces of property in which to purchase and open a glorified doc-in-box. But that’s just coming from a “low information” resident WT as you put it.

  10. Comment for the ignoramous that refererenced those of us who live in LB as WT.Are you a LB resident?What are your professional credentials,ie.RE;factors which determine the “viability”of a fully equipped hospital here in LB.I’ll answer them for you:No and obviously none.How many people have died here since hurricane Sandy destroyed LBMC? I suggest that “you move on” , educate yourself and get the numbers.

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